Acumatica 5.0 Beta Brings Stronger Business Functionality to the Marketplace

One of the best parts of Acumatica’s 2014 Partner Summit was being able to introduce 5.0 Beta. With lots of new features, a sleeker look and feel, and new mobile capabilities, it’s Acumatica’s most powerful version yet. 5.0 Beta truly has made us harder, better, faster, and stronger.

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Acumatica Announces Record Growth at Its Biggest Summit Yet

Yesterday was the first day of Acumatica’s annual Partner Summit. This year, we’re holding the event in Denver, Colorado at the Omni Interlocken Resort.

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Cloud ERP Starter’s Guide

What happens when you've outgrown your basic accounting software? This infographic, Cloud ERP's Starter's Guide, will guide you through the steps of looking for business management software that will help you take your business to the next level.

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Feature Spotlight: Creating Installment Payments Using Payment Terms

A customer negotiates to pay for a sales order in installments. The customer will pay 40% of the invoice up-front and pay the remaining balance in 2 equal payments in 30 and 60 days. Each installment needs to be invoiced separately.

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Industry-Specific ERP: Functionality Is Fine, but the Platform Matters Most

Most of today's ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems will meet the process automation needs of most business models without extensive modification or the need for "add-on" functionality. Financial processes are largely internally defined and to some extent dictated by external regulations. Manufacturing and inventory processes are also largely internally defined and executed. It is in the supply chain and distribution area that industry-specific functionality can be essential. For an integrated ERP solution to satisfy the needs of a market that industry-specific practices dictate (how orders are placed, order fulfillment and billing terms, product pricing), such industry-specific functionality is not "nice to have" but is required to access the market and service its customers.

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Step Two to a Successful ERP Implementation: Creating a Winning Project Team

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation isn’t always successful, but there are ways of improving the outcome. Step one to making the process smoother is planning. Step two is creating a winning team.

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Feature Spotlight: Flat Rate Shipping

While Acumatica is user-friendly, there are some features and processes we get asked about more often than others. Doug Johnson, a Senior Sales Consultant at Acumatica, highlights some of these queries in Feature Spotlight.

Acumatica provides flexible shipping terms, so you can charge for shipping according to your requirements.

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Discrete Manufacturers Who Think They’re Too Small for ERP Should Think Again

There is little doubt that ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are complex and time-consuming to implement. However, any discrete manufacturing operation is complex and requires time, effort, and the attention of multiple parties to properly execute and control such operations. Engineers need to set up and maintain bills-of-materials; purchasing needs to acquire raw materials; warehouse personnel need to store, dispense, and keep track of materials; and production needs to plan and schedule manufacturing activities. Finally, accountants need to assign costs to these activities and summarize them in a language and format everyone can understand.

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Can a Nonprofit Benefit From ERP Software?

In the minds of many people, nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are less complex than commercial enterprises and, as such, have little need for sophisticated, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. While it is true that NPOs may not have to deal with the complexities of manufacturing and inventory management, they share many of the same internal processes as commercial entities. For example, NPOs need to purchase and pay for goods and services and process payroll.

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Mobile First, Cloud First: Get There With Acumatica Cloud xRP

While attending Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference this week, I heard Satya Nadella, Kevin Turner and other Microsoft executives urging partners to step up to the plate in this "mobile-first, cloud-first world". It's a space Acumatica has been playing in for a while now and continues on an innovative path with our new Cloud xRP Platform.

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