An Open Invitation from Jon Roskill – Why You Should Join Acumatica

Now that I’ve joined Acumatica, I’m excited to dig in and help continue the good work started by the team. I’ve spent my last 20 years at Microsoft, and the last three as their Channel Chief overseeing Microsoft’s 640,000 partners. I take great satisfaction in building good relationships with the partner community, and seeing both sides of the equation thrive.

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5 Things I Learned Not to Do as an Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur wants a successful business. It takes hard work, determination, a great idea, and luck, but even with all those essential pieces, a mistake can derail your progress. When I started my own company many years ago, I learned a lot from both my triumphs and my failures. In fact, I may have learned more from my failures than anything else.

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An Open Invitation from Jon Roskill: Why I Joined Acumatica

It’s been five months since I left Microsoft after 20 years there. Many of my friends in the technology industry have asked me what I’ve been up to. And till now, I’ve been intentionally quiet.

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Customer Lifecycle Management in Acumatica

As you know, Acumatica is a 100-percent partner-centric organization. We rely on our channel partners to help us service our customers globally. Channel partners (value-added resellers, or VARs) are our front line: They run joint demand generation with Acumatica, work with their customer prospects, close deals, and provide implementation and ongoing support services.

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How Marketing Execution Is Like Driving a Car

Don’t forget to look through the windshield. This advice is as important for marketers as it is for drivers. My previous posts on marketing and selling Cloud ERP focused on relevance and reputation. In the third blog in this three-part series, I’ll explain how to execute on your marketing strategy.

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What the Sale of WhatsApp Can Teach Companies About Laser-Sharp Focus

In a time when some companies are trying to do everything, WhatsApp stands out in its singularity. Recently, Facebook announced it’s acquiring the mobile messaging company for a staggering $19 billion.

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10 Things to Look For When Hiring a Sales Manager

I have spent 20 years in sales and was lucky to work with excellent sales managers. The products they sold and countries they lived in may have been different, but there are few things they all have in common. Here we go, in no particular order.

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7 Ways to Improve Collaboration in Your Organization

At Pixar’s campus in Emeryville, California, whether you want to grab a slice of wood-fired pizza, drop something at the mailroom, or use the bathroom, you must head to the atrium. The animation studio’s epicenter houses meeting rooms, restaurants, a gift shop, and the building’s only restrooms. This was Steve Jobs’ way of creating inadvertent run-ins between employees who might otherwise never speak to each other. “It’s hard to describe just how valuable the resulting chance encounters are,” according to Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull.

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Keeping Data Secure in Distribution, Manufacturing, and Other Industries

Most industries, unlike healthcare and the government, don’t have strict compliance regulations when it comes to data privacy. However, companies still have a responsibility to safeguard sensitive customer and employee data. Here’s what those in the manufacturing, distribution, and other industries want to keep in mind when it comes to keeping their data — and that of their customers — safe.

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Keeping Data Secure in the Financial Services Industry

The most visible and most regulated sector in terms of data protection is financial services. The rising threat of identity theft means small or mid-size financial institutions are under constant pressure to remain compliant. Here are some laws and acts those in the financial services industries want to keep in mind when it comes to keeping their data — and that of their customers — safe.

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