What Makes Acumatica Different? Our Passion

Sean Chatterjee, Director of International Channel Sales, discusses a major quality that makes Acumatica stand out from the competition — Passion. This is the sixth video in the Acumatica Employee Video Series.

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Building a Quality Product at Acumatica

Oleg Shaikhatarov, VP of Software Engineering at Acumatica, discusses Acumatica developing a quality product for customers. This is the fifth video in the Acumatica Employee Video Series.

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Acumatica Enables Your Business

Valery Hill, Director of Product Management at Acumatica, discusses Acumatica's ability to enable your business in the fourth video of the Acumatica employee video series.

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Cloud ERP Leads the Way In Connecting People

Acumatica Chief Marketing Officer Stijn Hendrikse discusses how Cloud ERP is leading the way in connecting people in the third video of the Acumatica employee video series.

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What’s Next in Cloud ERP?

Acumatica co-founder John Howell discusses what is next in cloud ERP in the second video of our Acumatica video series featuring employees.

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Acumatica The Cloud ERP: Constant Innovation for Customers

Here is CEO Yury Larichev in the first of our series of Acumatica videos featuring employees. You'll hear from folks such as our CEO to our product marketing manager, to our sales engineers. What makes Acumatica different in the cloud ERP landscape? Click to find out!

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Delivering a Quality Product on Time

In this business, you are only as good as your last release. As software matures, it is increasingly more important to ship on time and be more transparent for the sake of your customers and partners, whose businesses depend on the rhythm of each release cycle.

Acumatica 4.1 marks the first time-driven release in our history. We recognize that new features, functional improvements, usability and performance improvements are all important in every release, but we also want to move away from an engineering process that is unpredictable and non-transparent.

Instead, we are setting deadlines and sticking to it! Why?

Quality ERP

It’s important to build credibility in the minds of our partners, who want to know that they can rely on a schedule and plan their strategy around what we promise we will release, and when. I am confident we will deliver what we mapped out in 4.1 at this year’s Partner Summit.

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What’s the New Cloud Development Tool?

Why build solutions on Acumatica Studio? John Schlemmer, VP of Sales and Marketing at JAAS Systems, an Acumatica Cloud ERP ISV, tells our VP of Partner Solutions Christian Lindberg why he and his team built their manufacturing solution on the Acumatica platform.

Tell us a little about JAAS Systems.
We provide ERP manufacturing software. We started in 1999, and we have a dedicated team of three application developers as well as a technical consultant who does some customizations, dashboards, and installations. We got involved with Acumatica sometime around 2010 and launched our first release sometime in 2011.

What’s the New Cloud Development Tool?

Why choose Acumatica?
We used to sell our Microsoft Dynamics SL product through partners. SL is not even viewed as having manufacturing so that was the uphill fight for JAAS way back when. A lot of partners we knew who were SL partners had looked at Acumatica and told us we really needed to take our solution to that platform. With Acumatica, we had an opportunity to take a well-written manufacturing solution to the cloud. We did the evaluations, and we haven’t looked back since.

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The New ERP Workstyle

Check out Acumatica's first infographic! Cloud ERP: An Adaptable & Flexible Option For Medium-Sized Businesses

New Cloud ERP

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4 Reasons Why the ERP Dream Can Finally Be Realized

When I started in ERP more than 20 years ago, ERP was not as widely used as today. People were still talking about other terms like Computer-Aided Process Planning, etc., but the idea was still the same: Connect everyone and every function and every location in the organization.

As ERP came to its own, big organizations started embracing the idea to connect all the different parts of the enterprise, from human resources, to finance, to the supply chain. The vision was for all employees in far-flung locations to participate in workflows. But technology at the time kept the ERP dream just that — a dream.

the ERP Dream 

The challenges were many-fold.

People didn’t necessarily have access to terminals or servers, or didn’t have a PC, so not everyone had a device to access the ERP. Secondly, from a licensing perspective, traditional ERP “per user” pricing made it extremely expensive to include everyone in the system. Thirdly, from an infrastructure standpoint, not every location could be connected since the pre-Internet days meant connection to an ERP server was costly. Finally, most ERP systems were not able to include partners and customers in a secure way to participate.

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