The Heartbleed Bug: What It Means For You

By now, you’ve seen hearts dripping blood all over the Internet. Heartbleed, as Finnish company Codenomicon dubbed the bug in OpenSSL’s code, isn’t a virus, but news of the flaw has gone viral. So what is Heartbleed, and what does it mean for you?

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Strategies for Managing Data Privacy and Security in the Age of Cloud Computing

As a provider of Cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning), Acumatica is acutely aware of many of the concerns that customers have when it comes to utilizing an external provider for hosting and data storage. In fact, because Acumatica was built from the ground up to exist in a hosted environment in the cloud, the solution was architected with security in mind.

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ERP Technology Evangelist Richard Duffy: Why I Joined Acumatica

Today is a very exciting day for me as it is Day 1 of my new learning journey, the day that I start with Acumatica as Vice President, Partner Strategy and Enablement, and I also get to take on a new evangelist role with what is for me, a new product — Acumatica's Cloud ERP Suite and Cloud Platform.

So you may be asking what has driven that change after 11 years in my prior role at SAP?

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How to Get Started With Your Value Prop

In the first few blogs in my series on marketing, I discussed relevance, reputation, and execution. Now I'd like to tell you how to find a great value proposition.

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Scaling Up Right: How ERP Can Solve Common Problems

If you're focused on scaling your business, there are many challenges you face, from forecasting the resources you'll need to figuring out how not to drain your bank account when setting up new branches. Acumatica is designed to help businesses grow, which means we've seen many of customers go through growing pains. What are some of the challenges we see our customers facing?

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As Windows XP Sunsets, the Era of Cloud-Based Applications Dawns

We are saying goodbye to an era, an era when the PC was the center of software, the center of productivity tools. The PC was once how people wrote, reviewed, analyzed, and calculated everything.

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An Open Invitation from Jon Roskill – Why You Should Join Acumatica

Now that I’ve joined Acumatica, I’m excited to dig in and help continue the good work started by the team. I’ve spent my last 20 years at Microsoft, and the last three as their Channel Chief overseeing Microsoft’s 640,000 partners. I take great satisfaction in building good relationships with the partner community, and seeing both sides of the equation thrive.

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5 Things I Learned Not to Do as an Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur wants a successful business. It takes hard work, determination, a great idea, and luck, but even with all those essential pieces, a mistake can derail your progress. When I started my own company many years ago, I learned a lot from both my triumphs and my failures. In fact, I may have learned more from my failures than anything else.

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An Open Invitation from Jon Roskill: Why I Joined Acumatica

It’s been five months since I left Microsoft after 20 years there. Many of my friends in the technology industry have asked me what I’ve been up to. And till now, I’ve been intentionally quiet.

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Customer Lifecycle Management in Acumatica

As you know, Acumatica is a 100-percent partner-centric organization. We rely on our channel partners to help us service our customers globally. Channel partners (value-added resellers, or VARs) are our front line: They run joint demand generation with Acumatica, work with their customer prospects, close deals, and provide implementation and ongoing support services.

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