Going Local: The Local Touch in a Global Expansion

Acumatica is going Glocal!

Since Acumatica expanded its operations to Asia earlier this year, we have been growing quickly both in terms of channel and revenue. Erwan Philippe, General Manager of Acumatica Asia, explains why we are growing so fast.

Firstly, our technology is unparalleled. We offer an outstanding value proposition compared to other players because of the flexibility of our technology. The story we tell is unique in the industry: Unlimited number of users is definitely a sweet spot for growing companies.

Going Local: The Local Touch in a Global Expansion

Secondly, our team’s experience on the ground here in Asia for the last 15 years distinguishes us from other solution providers. Together with Sergey Vereshchagin, our Solution Expert, we’ve worked in the mid-market ERP space in the region for more than a decade. I spent the early ERP days in Asia building channels and expanding new territories for Microsoft Dynamics and later, SAP; while Sergey was out in the field deploying business applications across Asia. Our combined hands-on experience is unique for a vendor, as many others do not have the extensive sales and technical knowledge we both bring to the table.

Asia is a key market for Acumatica and we will keep investing in the region to become a top application provider here. To date, we’ve recruited leading ERP providers across Asia from Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, or SAP Business One. Our Asian growth is proof our international push is gaining traction.

We’re not stopping: We are now planning to translate and localize our application for strategic terrorities in Asia. Having the right solution is not enough to succeed, but put that together with our local market experience and expertise, you’ve got a winning combination!

Going glocal is the key to success as we forge ahead in new markets.

Erwan Philippe is Acumatica’s General Manager in Asia.

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