Modern ERP. Built for Today and Beyond. That’s Acumatica.

You have many choices in selecting a new Business System provider. Many of them have systems with many impressive features, but were built on the 90’s technology. Now you have a choice of a modern Business Management system, designed from the ground up to work in today's cloud and mobile business world. With all the features to take your growing business into the future.

Why evaluate software that was never designed for where you want to take your business—trusting your most mission-critical systems to vendor retrofits—when there’s a better alternative that’s ready for you right now! Acumatica offers ERP and CRM built together to meet the needs of your businesses today and tomorrow.

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With Acumatica, you can have:

  • Full ERP and CRM functionality, including:
    • Financial Management – General Ledger, AP & AR, Cash Management, Tax Management, Payroll, Recurring Revenue, and much more
    • Customer Relationship Management – Contact & Opportunity management, Post-sales Case Management, Customer Self-Service-Portal, and more
    • Full industry ERP features required for a variety of industries, including Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, eCommerce and most Service businesses
    • Ability to fit the application to your unique business processes by individual user tailoring or customizing using well known and common Microsoft tools
    • Access to a single version of the truth with real-time and accurate information through self-service analytics and user specific dashboards.
    • Document management, workflow and mobile automatically included
    • No per user license fees unlike most other software vendors. Acumatica's pricing is based on the system resources you need to run your business.

When you select Acumatica you get:

  • Increased Choice
    • Where your information resides - on a public cloud (Amazon), private hosting or your servers
    • Purchase a perpetual license or yearly subscription
    • Access the system on any device, from anywhere, at any time
    • Always have access to your data resides
  • Reduce IT expenses
    • No hardware, operating system and data base expenses
    • Eliminate system maintenance, such as data backups, operating system upgrades, and application updates
    • Pay for what you need, when you need it. And you’re never limited by the number of users

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Affordable, feature rich, on-premise or in the cloud. There is only one true Cloud ERP solution designed for mid-sized customers — Acumatica.

“Navigating ERP Selection and Implementation: A 5-Step Process”

In the 5 Step Guide you will learn from experts how a successful ERP selection and implementation is planned, organized, and executed. It contains real-world advice on how to navigate this process and avoid common pitfalls.

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