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Software Developer (Web .NET/C#)

As a Software Developer at Acumatica Labs in Montreal, you will collaborate to create custom-built, large-scale, production-grade web applications using Microsoft technologies. Some examples of the work you will be doing include the following: working directly with customers to gather requirements for new features and product feedback, integrating 3rd party solutions, developing customer facing features or rewriting queries to be faster. You’ll have both the opportunity and the independence to tackle all kinds of challenges: some days you’ll work on refactoring a legacy part of the app to make it do something new, and on others, you’ll build a brand new, greenfield feature.

Roles and Responsibilities


You’re passionate about writing things that “just work” – things that are robust, scalable, and that perform well. Your personal software practices ensure you deliver high quality even under pressure. We’re looking for someone with .Net, C# and SQL experience and a backend focus. ERP, accounting or business management software development experience is a strong asset. You have a willingness to work directly with customers to investigate and resolve issues, gather product feedback, and learn about new use cases and features. You enjoy collaborating with, learning from, and teaching others (including across disciplines) so we all become better.


We are passionate about quality, and enjoy optimizing our systems for speed, reliability and scale. We strive to build easy to use, beautiful, well-structured products that delight our customers. Our team is built from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and we are seasoned veterans of working with a distributed team, across multiple time zones. English is the glue that holds us together, but multiple languages are spoken throughout our offices in Seattle, Columbus, Washington, Montreal, Moscow Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines and Singapore.

Our Hiring Process

We like our recruiting process to be transparent to you. It roughly consists of the following steps:

  • An initial call between you and a member of our team. We’ll tell you more about the work that you’d be doing, and why we think Acumatica is a great place to work. You’ll have the opportunity to ask us lots of questions, too. We’ll ask you about your experience, mostly to get a feel for where you’re at as we move forward with the process.
  • One-on-one phone interviews: We’ll chat with you to see what you know and how you think about your work.
  • Individual Exercise: We have you build a simple app, so we can get a feel for your algorithmic/programming skills and knowledge of the .NET framework.
  • Pairing on a Few Potential Features: Finally, during the pairing exercises you’ll pair with one of our developers to implement an (existing) feature in the app. This will take a couple hours or so, and will mostly consist of discussion about approach, with some coding in the midst of it.

We won’t share details without your permission

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