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Use Acumatica Studio to change core business logic and integrate with existing software. With access to source code, Acumatica is the most flexible ERP package.


Use Acumatica Studio to build web applications without recoding accounting, reporting, security, and many more features. Visit the Acumatica ERP platform pages to learn more.

Acumatica is the most flexible ERP package that adapts to your needs. When you buy any Acumatica application suite, we also include all the tools you need to easily extend and customize Acumatica.

This development toolkit is Acumatica Studio. With Acumatica Studio, the infinite possibility Acumatica brings begins to unfold. It’s easy to extend and customize. Integrate Acumatica seamlessly with your existing applications or third party solutions so you can maximize your investments. It can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in customization expenses.

Key Benefits

    • Save money: You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in customization expenses simply by using Acumatica Studio to extend Acumatica Cloud ERP.
    • Leverage existing investments: Integrate Acumatica seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, applications or third party solutions.
    • Faster ROI: With built-in financial objects, you can build applications without reinventing accounting, billing, tax, inventory management, and other common business tasks.
    • Built-in security: The included security model centralizes business logic to eliminate the possibility of browser-side data manipulation. Detailed access controls and administration are available to all data objects that you create.
    • Built-in reporting: Acumatica reporting tools and inquiry writers work with your applications and customizations so you don’t have to reinvent reports and dashboards.