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Acumatica delivers a powerful set of content management tools which enables information and document sharing among all system users.

Information can be organized as articles in a business wiki, supporting documents can be attached to wiki articles or financial transactions, articles and documents can be published on internet or shared among internal users. The content management tools are seamlessly integrated with all Acumatica products providing the single information space across the organization.

Business Wiki

The business wiki enables users to create, group edit, and share online documents subject to each person’s access rights. Wiki pages may contain real-time dashboards, text, images, links to other articles, and file attachments. You can set access rights for each wiki page, article, or document. Uses include policies and procedure manuals, knowledge base management, news and announcement management and other frequently updated documents that benefit from wiki type version tracking and security. You can easily set up individual wikis for sharing specific information within project teams, departments, or external users.

File Management

File attachments enable users to attach images, PDF’s, spreadsheets, .doc files, faxes, scanned receipts, and other digitized business documents to the wiki pages and financial transactions. You can distribute and share the documents between the system users to improve user collaboration and centrally manage the information. You can also simplify auditing because receipts, invoices, contracts, and other supporting documentation are directly linked to and available with the financial transactions.

Website Management

Acumatica website management tools allow you to centrally manage content and collect data from internal and public facing websites. Using Acumatica website management tools you can integrate with your existing website, establish a web presence for your company, publish your company news and events, accept customer requests, and disseminate information using a private knowledge base and download areas.