Business Wiki

The business wiki enables users to create, edit, and share online documents without the need to know HTML. Wiki pages may contain real-time dashboards, text, images, links to other articles, and file attachments. Access rights can be customized for each wiki page, article, and document.

You can use the wiki for sharing policy and procedure manuals, managing a knowledge base, creating news and announcements, and sharing other frequently updated documents that benefit from wiki type version tracking and security. You can easily set up individual wikis for sharing specific information within project teams, departments, or external users.

Highlighted Features

Hierarchical View

All wiki articles are organized into a hierarchy that allows users quickly locate articles in the directory and simplify navigation. When you create a new article you can specify if the article should be visible in the wiki tree, point to its parent node, and specify the article sort order within the node.

Access Rights Validation

For each wiki article you can assign who can view, modify, publish, or delete articles. By default, each article inherits its access rights from its parent article, but you can easily customize policies for each article. If users do not have rights to view the article it will not only be hidden from the navigation tree but the search operation will also ignore such articles too.

Articles Versioning

Acumatica maintains a history of all wiki article modifications. Using this history, you can view the history of the article changes, view previous article versions, compare the changes between the versions, rollback and unpublish the selected article version. Each historical record is stamped with modification date and time and the user who made the modification enabling the articles auditing.

File Attachment

The business wiki is integrated with the Acumatica file management system so you can attach files to any wiki article. Attached documents can be easily downloaded or opened by clicking a reference on the wiki page providing. Acumatica allows you to share any type of digital file such as images, videos, pdfs, and Office documents. The wiki provides special capabilities for displaying images and streamed video playback.

More Highlighted Features

  • Global Search: All wiki articles are indexed and accessible though the global search functionality. You can narrow down your search conditions by selecting the wiki you want to search or by specifying the category of the article you want to search.
  • Visual Editor: The business wiki incorporates a visual content editor that allows you to bypass the wiki text format and edit articles visually, similar to word or text processing tools. The content of the article will be seamlessly converted to the wiki format.
  • Multiple Wikis Support: Acumatica allows you to create multiple wikis with different types of content. For each wiki, you can specify unique properties, approval processes, and access rights.
  • Approval Workflow: You can specify the group of users who have publishing rights within a complete wiki or a wiki folder. This allows you to specify groups of users who can edit documents and different groups of users who can approve and publish changes. This type of review process enables you to outsource content management.
  • Configurable Styles: Each wiki can be assigned an individual style sheet. Using the CSS editing form you can change the look and feel of the article in the selected wiki.
  • Dashboards Integration: The business wiki is integrated with Acumatica dashboards so you can add wiki articles to your dashboards. Special dashboards for news and announcements allow everybody in your organization to be informed of events as soon as they happen.