Comparison of Distribution Functionality of Acumatica Cloud ERP

Distribution Management offers a Standard Edition that provides the flexibility to start with a subset of popular features for inventory, purchasing and sales. As your business processes evolve and requirements expand, such as multi-warehouse and lot tracking, you will be able to move to the Advanced edition.

Application Feature Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Inventory Management Multiple Valuation Methods
Inventory Bin/Location Control
Expiration Dates
Negative Inventory
Multiple Inventory Accounts
Transaction Reason Codes
Two-Step Transfers
Physical Inventory (Full Counts Only)
Drill Down to Original Document
Inventory Allocations
Inventory Replenishment
Inventory Sub-items
Kit Assemblies
Advanced Physical Counts
Lot and Serial Numbering
Purchasing Management Automatic Creation of Purchase Orders
Partial/Consolidated Receipts & Vouchers
Blanket Orders
Drop Shipments
Landed Cost Functionality
Vendor Performance Analysis
Reporting and Drill Down
Sales Order Management Integrated Workflow
Flexible Discounts and Promotions
Automated Shipments
Purchasing Integration
Real-time Inventory
Multiple and Partial Fulfillment
Shipment Schedules
Pick Lists and Replenishment Orders
Credit Limit Verification
RMA with Reason Codes
User Defined Order Types
Automated Packaging
Carrier Integration
Requisition Management Automate Requests
Vendor Bidding
Predefined Request Lists
Hide Inventory Items
Collect and Organize Requests
Request Classes
Complete Integration
Purchasing Integration
Sales Order Integration
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