Acumatica Route Management Acumatica Route Management

Optimize routes for service appointments with the ability to filter appointments in numerous ways. The application uses Google Maps to plot the route for each response person and the resources (equipment or machine) they will require.

Why Choose Acumatica Route Management

Acumatica Route Management provides powerful tools for optimizing routes that minimize gas consumption and travel time. Acumatica Route Management is built on top of the functionality in the Service Management application that schedules, dispatches, and generates service orders, tracks staff skills, and invoices field service work. Acumatica Route Management is an optional component of the Acumatica Service Management Suite of products.

Benefits of Service Management for your Business

  • Route management

    This powerful route optimization tool allows the dispatcher to select optimal routes, minimizing gas consumption and travel time.

  • Detailed route map

    Display routes as both a spreadsheet and a visual map using Google Maps. The visual map shows each service location as a pin. Moving the pins on the map will cause the system to update the new route and recalculate the time of the route.

  • In the cloud and mobile

    Access the routes anywhere, anytime, from any device. All applications are web-based, giving users with appropriate privileges unlimited access to the system from anywhere in the world.

Important features of Service Management

  • Route Template

    Define all services that are part of a route for every customer on that route. Simply filter by day to get a specific day’s service stops.

    Route Details

    Show every service stops on a route in the order in which they are planned to be performed. This detail includes drivers, vehicles, duration of route, and total travel time.

    Service Contract Management

    Manage multiple contracts by customer to include times, routes, and service to be performed.

  • Planning Filters

    Filter your appointments in various ways, and show the appointments for a particular staff member or resource (equipment or machine) along with a Google Map of the route.


    Manage multiple trucks, machines, and equipment by the type of services they perform, capacities, skills required, and schedules.

    Types of Routes

    Handle ad hoc requests for service and integrate them seamlessly with scheduled maintenance routes defined by contract.

  • Shifts

    Accommodate service requests any time of day. Route management can handle any timeframe including day shifts and night shifts. This is important for service businesses such as street cleaners.

    Mobile Service Management

    Send updated appointments and route changes to any mobile device.

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