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Mobile WMS Solution

OzLINK Mobile enables users to quickly receive purchase orders, and pick orders faster by leveraging bar code scanning and real time integration with Acumatica.

Key features

  • PO Receiving

    • Quickly and accurately verify purchase order receipts on the dock
    • Scan by UPC code, vendor code, or item number
    • Easily move existing items between bin locations
    • Know what has been received and on the dock, real time

  • Sales Order Picking

    • Direct user efficiently through the warehouse
    • Pick orders from a Mobile Device
    • Verify correct items are being picked at the shelf
    • Collect pick-from location speeding order fulfillment

Benefits for Your Business

Industry Served

  • Distribution or Manufacturing

About Descartes (Oz Development)

Oz Development has recently become a part of Descartes. We are the provider of the OzLINK solution. OzLINK is a set of cloud-based solutions that integrate and extend applications in order management process. OzLINK streamlines functions from eCommerce through to the warehouse and shipping. OzLINK has created value for thousands of customers in industries such as manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail.

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