Balance supply and demand to reduce costs

ERP is an information management system with two primary objectives:

  • Balance supply and demand by developing and executing operating plans to make and deliver product to meet customer demand
  • Reduce cost and waste as much as possible while doing so.

The planning function within ERP, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), creates a production and purchasing schedule that minimizes inventory while maximizing availability. As a result, purchase orders and manufacturing orders are planned to be completed and bring in inventory only when needed. MRP relies on good data — BOM, inventory, order status, demand – to do its job effectively. The integrated JAMS for Acumatica solution will help you keep your data accurate and up-to-date.

Key Features

  • Multi-site MRP
  • Production Order Changes
  • Lot / Serial Tracking
  • Master Production Schedule
  • Labor Tracking
  • Backflushing labor and/or material
  • Barcode Integration
  • Bucketless System
  • Full Regeneration
  • Production Order Tracking 
  • Production Performance
  • Scheduling
Production Management is the Heart of Measuring Cost

The best, most accurate costing system is embedded into the operational system itself where it can assign and track value directly on the engineering and production data (BOMs, shop orders). The JAMS for Acumatica Production Management module, controls the operational process from raw materials through production to finished goods while collecting and managing the costs – material, labor and overhead in these production environments: make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, make-to-order, job shop, repetitive, and batch.

  • Full cost roll-up capability for design, engineering, quoting
  • Production orders collect the labor, material, machine, tools, fixed and variable overhead.
  • Production order system supports substitute operations or materials.
  • Tracking of purchases for a specific work order.
  • Stock and non-stock material items can be used and tracked to a production order.
  • Labor Tracking for non-production time.
  • Optional materials backflushing capability.
  • Full lot and serial traceability throughout the lifecycle of the item.
  • Support for barcode data collection for labor and material as well as inventory issues, receipts, cycle counting, and physical inventory.
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Acting On Planned and Actual Data

All collected data is immediately available everywhere in system. Standard reports including Production Order Cost Performance are available along with self-service business intelligence (BI) that empowers users to define report and screen formats with graphs to display the data that they need to manage their responsibilities. The Acumatica manufacturing systems provides:

  • A single version of the truth; one system, one database, fully integrated
  • Immediate availability of data, throughout the system
  • Accurate cost information embedded in operational definitions and data collection
  • Comprehensive reporting for analysis and problem detection, ad-hoc information access
  • MRP-based smart purchasing and production tied to needs and customer promises

JAMS for Acumatica is a full-function, comprehensive, integrated planning and management system for discrete manufacturing that helps you deliver on the promises of ERP/MRP – lower inventory, fewer shortages, better use of production resources, on-time completion and shipment, better customer service, and lower overall cost.

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