The POS imperative

Meeting or exceeding customer expectations at the moment of close (point of sale) is a requirement for retail success. Customer expectations are constantly changing, however, and those expectations are rising as competition demands more and more value for customers.

Acumatica delivers a centralized view of the information required to complete the POS process quickly and effectively. You have immediate access to customer and order history, real-time status of orders, inventory, and profitability by location and product, and much more. Acumatica is an economical solution for multi-location retailers, franchise operators, as well as regional and national chain stores.

Some benefits of the Acumatica Retail Management solution include:

  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Real-time reporting across multiple locations
  • Time sensitive pricing and promotions
  • Purchasing and replenishment
  • Fulfillment, shipping and logistics
  • Service management
  • Integrated customer management

Key Features

  • Integrated customer management
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Real-time reporting across multiple locations
  • Time sensitive pricing and promotions
  • Inventory sub-items for size, color and style
  • Purchasing and replenishment
  • Fulfillment, shipping and logistics
  • Customer service management
  • Fusion Retail Management System
Integrate POS and Ecommerce orders with the back office

Acumatica’s integration services and API make it easy to integrate all your multi-channel sales environments to gain a centralized view of the business. By delivering a complete view across online sales, telesales, and retail sales operations, Acumatica allows you to optimize inventory, ordering, and profitability. Integrate eCommerce, readers, touch screens, and all-in-one POS stations.

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FusionPOS for in-store sales and orders

Acumatica ERP has a pre-built integration to Fusion Point of Sale (FusionPOS™), a part of the Fusion Retail Management System (FusionRMS™), a full-feature point of sale solution for centralized management in highly distributed retail and wholesale environments.

Some unique features and capabilities of FusionPOS include:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry with multiple CRM levels to maintain individual customers’ transaction history.
  • No manual intervention required to update the POS. All items, customers and pricing data in Acumatica ERP are automatically synchronized between the POS and the back office.
  • Streamline operation with all transactions from the POS are automatically returned to Acumatica Sales Order Processing for final processing.
  • Reduce down time by being able transact business even when the internet connection is temporarily lost.
  • Supports Phantom items. Group of items, that are not physically grouped, are entered as a single line item or kit, but tracked within the system individually.
  • POS has the ability to handle “Cash and Carry”.
  • Fulfillment can be from any store or warehouse.
  • Automatically add new customers to Acumatica CRM from POS.
  • Configurable POS UI (user interface).
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Omni-Channel distribution
eCommerce orders may be picked up or shipped from any store as well as a corporate location. Likewise, retail orders may be picked up or shipped from any store. Resulting is minimizing freight costs while optimizing customer experience and inventory coverage. This is all done through the POS system reducing end user training required.
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A retail system that expands as needed

The Acumatica Retail System is designed to provide maximum flexibility for large or small organizations. The system has the capacity to handle a large network of retail stores. Below is a graphical representation of a multi-store implementation.

FusionPOS system architecture

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Additional retail functionality for your market

The system can be optionally extended for specific market requirements:

  • Fully integrated smartphone Loyalty Program including points management, geographic or store centric coupons and promotions, and with social media integration.
  • Fusion Gift Card uses a multi-location prepayment card.
  • Fusion Scheduler is ideal for scheduling resources in businesses such as salons, restaurants, and services.

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