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Your ERP system should help you respond to change, not hinder your efforts

As a high technology company your ERP must be as flexible, agile and up to date as your business. Many tech companies have suffered from simply being unable to respond to market demands because their system didn’t support the new procedure, new technology, new customer touch point, or new product requirement.

The alternative is to reverted to manual work-arounds, disconnected spreadsheets and point systems, or patched-together custom code just to get by. These work-arounds increased cost and errors as well as negatively impacting employee satisfaction. That’s not the way to run a successful business in a fast-moving market.

Benefits for a growing business

Advanced cloud-based systems like Acumatica help streamline operations by providing full-function, fully-integrated enterprise-class order processing, CRM, project management, accounting and self-service business intelligence (BI) tailored to the needs of the software and technology industries.

Get access to all the modern tools you need to plan, manage and understand your business. Acumatica’s Integrated front and back office and real-time dashboards enable you to:

  • Improve your level of service
  • Track profitability by product or service
  • Track sales invoices, payments, recurring billing, and customer maintenance plans
  • Manage deferred revenues and expenses
  • Reduce delinquent payments
  • Manage cash
  • And much more
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Business Process Flexibility

Built on flexibility as well as function, Acumatica lets you run your tech business the way you want and change it when you want.

  • Define the automated business process
  • Utilize embedded workflow
  • Let users tailor their web interface with their preferences
  • Allow users to create personalized dashboards
  • Limit access with different levels of security
  • Extend to other cloud applications via the API’s
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Grows with your business

Cloud technology is massively scalable – you’ll never run out of space or processing power. Start with what you need now and add functionality as your business management requirements change.

Acumatica’s unlimited user pricing encourages you to involve employees, external partners, vendors, and customers in your business processes. We want your use of the system to grow so your business can be more successful.

Key Features

Learn more about the major initiatives to improve technology operations: