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Thriving in a dynamic market

Technology markets are characterized by constant change. Short product cycles, a constant flow of new products and technologies, rapidly changing demand and fierce competition are only a few of the challenges every software and technology company has to face every day.

Add in globalization, virtualization, SaaS, IoT (Internet of Things) – all of these waves of disruption offer new challenges and opportunities. Staying competitive in such a dynamic environment can be difficult. Company plans and operations must focus on managing product cycles (new product introduction and time-to-market), managing the supply chain, working to keep suppliers agile and responsive, collaborating with distributors and customers to understand trends and changing demand, all while keeping operations flexible yet efficient.

Business management solution for the technology companies

Acumatica ERP is designed to meet the needs of software and technology companies with enough built-in flexibility to adapt to specific company needs. The comprehensive product suites address all business areas including manufacturing, distribution, project management, CRM, service and support, and full multi-currency financial management and reporting.

In fast-moving, competitive markets like high tech, companies are either leaders or laggards. And the laggards find it harder and harder to just stay afloat. Leaders take advantage of technology to become agile and efficient to maintain their competitive edge.

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Adaptable Microsoft technology

Acumatica Cloud ERP system is designed and built on the Microsoft .NET platform to meet the needs of fast-changing businesses. Everything you need is included in one integrated package – no more information spread across multiple systems.

Transactions and documents are immediately shared and available across all applications and in our Microsoft Power BI enabled Business Intelligence module.

The all Microsoft stack ensures compatibility across the entire toolset and all technology layers. New technologies introduced anywhere in the stack are fully coordinated for seamless growth and advancement.

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Diversity of software and technology companies served

Acumatica ERP is providing outstanding support for mid-sized companies involved in:

  • Design, development, and delivery of:
    • Hardware
    • Networks
    • System software
    • Application software
    • Custom applications
    • Mobile device applications
    • IT and development tools
  • IT or software consulting
  • Installation or implementation of IT hardware and software
  • Hardware or software training services
  • Customer Support Centers (Hot Lines)
  • Cloud (Hosting or SaaS) providers

Key Features

  • Up-to-date and accurate information in a single system
  • Work from anywhere using choice of device
  • Customer self-service portals
  • Self-service business intelligence
  • Intuitive interface and web-browser accessibility
  • Integrated document management
  • Multinational Financials (GL, AP, AR, PR)
  • Tools to adapt the system as business changes
  • Add users without additional license fees
  • Increase resources as requires
Leader in virtualization and automation software chooses Acumatica, reduces cost by 80%

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