How Does Acumatica Stack Up Against Netsuite?

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The Cloud ERP market is a competitive one and customers have choices – we asked some of our customers why they chose Acumatica after evaluating Netsuite and they answers were interesting.

Based on their answers heres some guidelines you should remember and questions to ask when evaluating Netsuite.

NetSuite commits customers to ongoing operational expenditures… forever! Acumatica allows you to switch licensing models as your needs change. If you buy a license, you can stop maintenance payments and still use the software. Acumatica allows you to switch between SaaS and an on-premise deployment so you control where you run your software and where your data is. NetSuite provides only one option – in their datacenter, under their control.

Acumatica has integrated ERP and CRM modules, just like NetSuite. But Acumatica goes one step farther by providing better options to integrate with your existing on-premise systems. You can see source code and make changes using our web-based tools or standard development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio.



  • Customers have to be on same product version because of the nature of NetSuite’s shared environment.
  • Customers cannot upgrade any time they choose to.
  • Performance issues and system responsiveness fluctuations, esp. during heavy usage hours in the afternoon.
Key Questions To Ask:

How do you plan to manage customizations and real time interfaces with on-premise systems?

NetSuite provides a single multi-tenant environment to accommodate common business practices. If your company has unique processes that drive your competitive advantage, then customizing NetSuite may be costly or difficult. Acumatica has a published API and SDK as well as a strong VAR channel to help you change your software instead of your business.


As your business grows and needs change, could you move your ERP/CRM solution on-premise?

NetSuite does not support an on-premises model, so the only option is to move to another vendor solution and do a full migration. This could lead to complexities around data transfer and the cost of running two systems while you make the transition. Acumatica provides the option to switch your deployment as your need change.


As you add users, what happens to your costs?

Many SaaS models charge per user so your costs skyrocket as your company grows. What started as an economical solution can quickly turn into a vastly more expensive one. Acumatica is priced by computing power, so you can involve infrequent users in business processes such as expense reporting and time reporting without paying for additional user licenses. Since Acumatica is cloud-based, adding more capacity can be accomplished quickly and economically.


Do you need to control software upgrades?

NetSuite’s software upgrade cycle cannot accommodate the best interests of all users in a multi-tenant environment. Solution upgrades could happen at a time that is not convenient to you. Acumatica provides the option to upgrade at any time you choose.


Do you need a local partner to support your business?

Acumatica is sold exclusively through partners which can provide customization and support for your business. You can choose a partner based on expertise in your business vertical and your geography.


How critical is response time to your business?

Acumatica can be deployed on premise to guarantee connectivity, even if your connection to the Internet is interrupted. In addition, if your business involves the transfer of large files, you can easily accomplish this with Acumatica while NetSuite recommends that you limit the size of imports and do it during off hours.


What happens if your costs increase?

Former NetSuite customers who have switched to Acumatica found the costs of retrieving their data from NetSuite’s servers to be unreasonably high, and felt they could not take control of escalating per-user costs. Acumatica allows you to buy a license or switch data centers to keep your costs competitive with the market.

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