Hosting Partner Program

Acumatica allows you to compete with application companies such as NetSuite and that own hosting platforms and that offer proprietary ERP and CRM applications. By hosting Acumatica you can differentiate your service offerings and increase your average revenue per customer.

Reasons to Partner with Acumatica

  • Leverage Your Existing Experience
    You can tailor your current service plans and provisioning processes to rapidly deliver an Acumatica application environment or develop application expertise so you can setup services and consult with clients.
  • Leverage Your Existing Hosting Plans
    Acumatica can be deployed using your existing dedicated and VPS service plans. Acumatica requires a Microsoft.NET runtime environment as well as access to a Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Offer Additional Value Added Services
    As a hosting partner, you can provide basic hosting services or deliver full application management, including OS updates, application updates, monitoring, system backup, and more.
  • Sell More Servers
    Acumatica is priced by server (CPU/core) so customers can involve more users without having to pay user or seat fees. As clients add users and applications, their processing needs will grow and you can sell additional servers and value added services.
  • No Client Software Required
    You can offer services to clients without having to worry about troubleshooting client software, personal computers, or remote access software. Your server expertise and the client’s browser is all that is required.
  • SaaS Opportunity
    Acumatica is easy to deploy and maintain as a multi-tenant application. A multi-tenant configuration will allow you to have multiple logically isolated customers sharing database and hardware resources. 

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