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The strength of Acumatica lies in its platform – Acumatica Studio.

Acumatica Studio is an application development platform for building web-based business applications. Acumatica Studio allows you to modernize your software offering. It’s a powerful tool you can use to create new applications, or to migrate your existing applications to the cloud. Create highly scalable cloud applications. These applications can stand alone, or be integrated as part of a larger offering.

Learn more about Acumatica Studio’s platform components, customization and integration tools, reporting tools, and content management tools. Understand what the system requirements are, how you can license it, and contact us for more.

Key Benefits

  • Built-in functionality: Built-in financials, document management, multi-tenancy, security, reporting, and document management save you time so you can rapidly convert your expertise into software programs that run on Cloud technology.
  • Develop faster with built-in accounting and financials:Take advantage of pre-integrated accounting objects and modules to deliver business solutions that flow directly to the general ledger, AP, AR, fixed assets, and other modules.
  • Improve reach with on-premise or SaaS deployments: Applications developed on the Acumatica platform can be deployed on-premise, hosted, or offered as a service (SaaS) in a Cloud environment.
  • Scale your applications up and out: Applications inherit multi-tenancy support so they can be centrally managed and upgraded. High application density allows your applications to scale horizontally.
  • Built-in security: Cloud security is managed by the platform. Features such as server side logic, detailed access controls, are robust authentication are automatically available to your application.
  • Flexible licensing: You can license the Acumatica platform according to your business needs. See our comparison of common licensing options.
  • Leverage existing development skills: Acumatica Studio is built on top of Microsoft technologies and the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment. This means you can use your existing .NET skills to the cloud.
  • Browser compatibility: Your applications are delivered via a presentation layer that includes support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. This allows you to concentrate on business logic and not worry about browser compatibility.
  • Server side business logic: With Acumatica Studio, Javascript is only used for handling initial data format validation, GUI related logic, and synchronizing browser content with the application server. All business logic is executed on the application server. Data validation is duplicated on the server to prevent client-side data manipulation.
  • Built-in performance: Acumatica Studio has a complex presentation engine that minimizes network traffic by caching static data classes and common elements. This allows your applications to run efficiently over unreliable Internet connections.
  • Evolve and customize: Applications developed in Acumatica include built-in customization support. Customizations are stored separately from core application code as meta data. This preserves customizations during upgrades to the core application.


Acumatica is the only secure, cloud- and browser-based small and mid-size business ERP solution that adapts to your business.

We thought, "Wow, this is really scalable architecture."
Jay Cheng
CEO / J.Goodin
Acumatica is the backbone of our cloud environment.
Ehren Dimitry
President and CEO / AME Corporation
Having an ERP that is easy to use is key for Caystone Solutions and our clients.
Wendy Warren
Managing Director / Caystone Solutions
Acumatica helped our swimming pool supplies distribution business reach profitability in year one.
John Gwaltney