Acumatica includes a set of general purpose reporting tools that can be used to deliver customized views of your business to every department in your organization.

Reports can be tailored to meet the information needs of all roles and people in your organization. Reports are delivered in real-time and include only accounts, customers, and data which users are authorized to see.

"Acumatica provided a solution to integrate our financial reporting across several systems, currencies, and offices. Since the solution is web-based, it was cost effective to deploy across our international offices."

-- Samuel Hahn
VP Finance, Parallels

Acumatica  ERP Cloud Dashboards


Acumatica ERP Cloud Report

Acumatica Report

Acumatica Reporting Tools


Dashboards present summarized views of key information using tables, pie charts, and other graphics. Content on all dashboards is dynamically generated to provide real-time results across an entire organization.

Clicking on a web-based dashboard element enables users to drill-down to successively higher levels of detail.

Dashboards can include not only reports and inquiries, but also help screens, announcements, key performance indicators, and wiki articles. Each user can design their own dashboard with little or no training to deliver real-time information, customized for their particular need. Users can customize a “home” dashboard as well a dashboard for each different module.

Integrated Reporting Engine

Acumatica’s integrated reporting engine allows you to retrieve online reports to make better, faster, and more informed decisions. Reports can be produced in HTML, PDF, Excel, and Word formats so they can be easily shared with others. Acumatica supports generation of signed PDF documents and automates report delivery over email.

Prior to running reports, you can specify report parameters as well as output requirements. After the report is created, you can click links inside the report to navigate to the data entry screens which provide supporting details.

Report Designers

Acumatica provides a desktop application and web based tools for developing new reports based on your financial and customer data.

The desktop application allows you to create new reports or customize any predefined report using a visual report designer. The application interacts with the Acumatica server through web services and to enables remote report development and modification. All reports created with this tool can be easily registered in the application so they can be accessed in the Acumatica menus.

The web based reporting engine allows you to create reports which are tightly integrated with your general ledger account and sub account structures across multiple ledgers. The report writer allows you to specify row sets, column sets, and unit sets to create complex reports with a hierarchical drill down structure.

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