Respond instantaneously to investors with

up-to-date financial data


Bullet-proof financial statements to

withstand any audit


Make fast decisions with powerful reporting

Patchwork of spreadsheets delay



Incomplete and inconsistent responses

for customers and investors


Information silos require duplicate data

entry, wasting time

Close financial periods in days, not months


Manage expenses with strong internal controls


Bill clients on time, every time


Unpredictable expenses from lack

of internal control


Poor AR processes challenge cash flow


Financial statements take a long

time to create


Scales fit your business with unlimited users


Available on any device, any time, anywhere


No software needed, just a web browser

Not scalable


System slows when there are too many users


Requires manual oversight

The Macabe Associates, Inc.


We are technology professionals who create exceptional solutions in partnership with Acumatica that empower our clients to better manage their businesses. Driven by our desire to serve our clients, we are distinguished in the community by our continuous pursuit of superior software solutions combined with the highest quality professional services.


We chose Acumatica ERP for our clients and ourselves because we are committed to innovation and exploring creative technologies that help overcome the challenges faced by our clients. We use Acumatica in the daily operation of our business, we know firsthand how technology can contribute to success!

Startups may opt for a simple, cheap system like QuitBooks and other makeshift solutions, only to find a year down the road that their software is doing more harm than good. Acumatica’s cloud accounting software startup program enables entrepreneurs to grow to the next level with

powerful, cloud-based accounting and business management capabilities while remaining affordable. Smartups choose Acumatica