Non-Profit Accounting Software & Cloud Solutions

Non Profit Plus powered by Acumatica is a commanding addition to the award winning financial suite of Acumatica. Providing functionality specific to not for profits and non government organizations including fund accounting, encumbrance processing, grant management and fund management. This enables Non Profit Plus to be the choice of executive directors and chief financial officers when selecting accounting software to carry their organization into the future.

Non Profit Plus has gone through great pains to ensure and provide functionality to define and manage the proper distribution of transactions entered on a daily bases and the elimination of commingling of cash for restricted Fund use without overcomplicating or hindering the data entry process. Funds are automatically self-balancing based on system definition while maintaining Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable control account details by fund. Over budget messaging is a standard and definable option within the system.

Utilizing the inherent strength and depth of Acumatica’s querying and dashboard capability provides graphical presentation of captured information instantly by user; enabling each user to react and accomplish tasks assigned or jobs needing to be performed.

Grant management defines the ability for an organization to track grants (pure sense of the definition) or other funding sources where specific reporting or presentation of information will assist in better managing the flow of data within the system. This can be accomplished by defining and tracking of the data within organizations fiscal year or outside and beyond the organizations fiscal year (ex) 22 month expenditure statement report with actual, encumbered, budget and remaining budget by funding source.

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Non-Profit Focuses:

Advocacy and Community Animal Welfare
Arts and Culture Organizations Colleges
Environment and Conservation Organizations Faith Based Ministries
Food Banks Human Services
Low-Income Housing Organizations Municipalities
Museums Non Government Organizations
Philanthropic Foundations Private Schools
Public and Private Charities Social and Recreation Clubs
Social Welfare Organizations Theatre Groups
Veterans Organizations  


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Not for profit
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Key Features
  • Fund Accounting
  • Encumbrance Processing
  • Fund Management
  • Grant Management