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Multi-service business switches to Acumatica from QuickBooks, improves connection and control of data between companies

Marilyn Monroe Spas needed to exchange mission-critical data between their branches and business units to effectively increase productivity and support their growth. Unable to do so with QuickBooks, they chose Acumatica over Dynamics GP for its extensive inter-company capabilities; in addition, preferring Acumatica’s reporting capabilities and the effectiveness of its SaaS, cloud-based licensing model.

About Marilyn Monroe Spas

Location: Headquarters in in Florida; salons and spas in Florida, New York, California and Hawaii

industry: Retail & eCommerce


Application Replaced: QuickBooks
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Key results

  • Ability to exchange information between their different companies through the Cloud
  • Acumatica’s Content Pack for Power BI helps generate business intelligence and data critical to managing the company
  • Time savings in creating daily sales reports


Marilyn Monroe Spas needed to:

  • Upgrade from QuickBooks to accommodate their rapidly growing and expanding business
  • Manage a wide variety of businesses with multiple companies and extensive transactions between each company
  • Satisfy potential investors who wanted the company to purchase a new accounting system before committing
QuickBooks just doesn’t cut it when you have multiple companies with extensive transactions between each company. We really needed a good solution for that.
Kristin Rider, Controller at Marilyn Monroe Spas

Kristin Rider

ERP Solution

Initially, Marilyn Monroe Spas looked for a Dynamics GP solution partner that would provide Microsoft Dynamics GP in a hosted environment. Since Controller Kristin Rider had challenges getting timely information from the firm she first contacted, she reached out to an IT infrastructure solution provider in their business complex, who strongly recommended Acumatica partner SSYH.

As they further discussed the proposed switchover to Great Plains, SSYH asked Marilyn Monroe Spas if they’d heard about Acumatica, adding that it might be a better fit. The company was excited to learn that not only was Acumatica cloud-based, but that it offered out-of-the-box inter-company capabilities, something that Microsoft Dynamics GP couldn’t match.

Ms. Rider says it became clear that Acumatica, Power BI and SSYH implementation services were the right choice. This integrated solution also eliminated their need to purchase another Business Intelligence tool.


Ms. Rider says so far she has most appreciated the ability Acumatica gives them to exchange information between their different companies through the Cloud: “We have a significant number of transactions between multiple companies. Acumatica will make it easier to manage our business on a daily basis.”

Acumatica’s Content Pack for Power BI is going to help Ms. Rider and managers throughout the company to generate business intelligence and related reports from the spas, salons and other businesses. The Controller stresses that financial data reporting is critical to be able to manage the company: “It’s what you can hand to your board, it’s what you can provide for the departments, it’s what you can give people to see what’s going on—that’s what is vital in accounting systems.”

Ms. Rider says they have started creating sales reports through Acumatica, with more types of reporting to come: “We have recently finished implementing the Power BI integration with Acumatica for the creation of daily sales reports with information from all of our locations. This is saving our General Managers a significant amount of time and is proving to be a powerful tool for our business.”

Application replaced: QuickBooks

Most companies got their start using Inuit’s QuickBooks for their financials. But there comes a time when QuickBooks is just not enough. If you’re ready to take the next step, see what Acumatica has to offer.