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E-retailer switches to Acumatica, benefits from enhanced integration between financials and e-commerce website

Northline Express operates three e-commerce sites (, and along with marketplaces on Amazon, eBay and Rakuten offering over 17,000 SKUs to their customers. With plans to expand their e-commerce presence, Northline Express knew they needed a new solution. They selected Acumatica to improve their financial system’s integration with its website, manage data, and enhance productivity.

About Northline Express

Location: Headquarters in Northern Michigan

industry: Retail & eCommerce


Application Replaced:

Key results

  • Improved data management, easier, more accurate tracking and reporting of financial data
  • Enhanced integration with e-commerce websites
  • Automated processes save management time and effort
  • Increased inventory visibility and replenishment adds to customer satisfaction and reduces carrying costs


Northline Express needed to:

  • Easily add new products to their inventory
  • Automate functions
  • Get data in and out of the system
  • Integrate third-party apps

Another major consideration [when selecting Acumatica] was the ability to manage inventory replenishment. You spend a lot of time bringing product into a warehouse so you have what you need when people want it. Acumatica is built for that.
Robert Cochran, CEO at Northline Express

Robert Cochran


Northline Express spent three years searching for the right product to address its needs. Mr. Cochran explains, “We looked at NetSuite. We looked back at MOM (Mail Order Manager) to see if they had a more robust application than they had when they left them (and they didn’t). We looked at Stone Edge. We looked at Response. We looked at practically everything out there.” When he connected with Acumatica Gold Certified Partner Joel Gress at Dynamic Tech Services, Mr. Cochran knew he’d found the right product: “He showed me Acumatica, and I really didn’t want to look any further. It looked like the way to go for us.” “The biggest thing in finding a package was that it had to integrate with the Magento (e-commerce) website,” Mr. Cochran states. “It also had to handle configurable items. They added that functionality into Acumatica because we have about 600 bundles, or configurable-type items. That was key to us for making it work—and it’s working.”


CEO Cochran understands code and values how easily he can grasp Acumatica’s documentation: “I need to know how it works and what I need to do to reduce my support costs. I really like it. The more I dig into things, the more impressed I am. When I look at building custom and generic queries, I’m impressed at how easy it is to put together.” Mr. Cochran appreciates how much time Acumatica will save them through automation. For example, he says, “In our old system, we were reviewing about 150 vendors every week, item by item. My son was looking at every item—about 3,600 items every week—to see if we needed more stock. I need him doing other things. It didn’t allow us to grow.” Now, he says, the automation they need can be built into Acumatica. “It can be configured to run the business however you deem necessary—I like that. I also like that it’s built on the Microsoft platform. It works.” The CEO also values being able to make better use of his financial information, noting that “it’s all about the data—the ease of getting data in, managing the data, reloading the data. That part of Acumatica is really spectacular, in terms of exporting to Excel, manipulating it, and re-importing it. It’s going to make life a lot easier.”