Acumatica Consumption Model

Learn more about the unique Acumatica pricing structure.

Acumatica Consumption Model On Demand Webinar

Acumatica pricing is designed for growing companies like yours. Acumatica charges based on the resources you use, not the number of users. The resource tier you pay for is sized to support the volume of key transactions for your business.

Hear from Ali Jani, Acumatica Chief Product Officer, who will describe the three factors Acumatica ERP pricing is based on:

  • What applications do you want to start using now?
  • What type of license are you considering: SaaS Subscription, Private Cloud Subscription, or Private Perpetual License?
  • What is your projected level of consumption based on the volume of your business transactions and data storage?

Access the on-demand webinar now and learn more about the Acumatica pricing structure that lets you add casual users, suppliers, and customers without paying for additional licenses.

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