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Information Integration Group (IIG)

IIG’s Acuboost “Fast Sales” powered by Acumatica allows for quick processing of over the counter sales transactions for companies that wish to add functionality to process over the counter transactions. This enhancement allows for management of cash register, printing of cash register receipts, swiping of credit cards and scanning of items sold for quick processing of transactions.

In addition to loading items into the transactions by scanning the item, this enhancement allows for displaying the image assigned to the items on the screen. Items are loaded by users touching item’s image displayed on the screen. Quantity sold is auto-incremented for each scanning of the item or touching the image on the screen.

Transaction defaults such as the cash customer, FOB, ship via, ship date salesperson, sales tax code and warehouse are defined by each workstation. Salesperson for the transaction can be loaded based on the user login code. Register balances are reconciled by taking into account the beginning balance and the transactions processed since opening the register.

Industry Served:
All industries

Key features

  • Allow for quick invoice entry by scanning items and auto-incrementing of quantity sold

  • Cash Drawer Reconciliation - cash drawer open and close and balance management

  • Ability to print sales receipts for processed transactions

  • Ability for quick entry of payment information

About Information Integration Group (IIG)

Information Integration Group, Inc. (IIG) has over 25 years of experience advising and supplying small and medium sized businesses with the proper ERP systems and custom software solutions to fit their company’s needs. We have a talented group of consultants and professionals that can take a comprehensive look at the needs of your business and make sound recommendations based on their findings. Contact us today to get started and take advantage of Cloud solutions to grow your success. We specialize in Acumatica as well as the corresponding Software Enhancements known as Acuboost.

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