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AcuSync Powered by Vertify

Vertify, Inc

AcuSync powered by Vertify extends and improves upon Acumatica’s native functionality to integrate external systems with Acumatica. The power of this connection equips users and business to have increased visibility into actionable data that empowers commerce growth.

With advanced mapping, translation, error management, and detailed logging, AcuSync powered by Vertify allow you to easily and seamlessly integrate Acumatica with other business systems.

Natively Built with Acumatica
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Key features

  • Ensure that your integrations are running optimally with real-time data and reporting through Acumatica dashboards. Easi

  • Translate data between systems using translation tables. Lookup and merge related data onto records during import/export

  • Custom data providers can be easily created to connect Acumatica to systems, including new commercial apps and homegrown

  • Import/Export scenarios are enhanced to provide additional features such as controlling how and when fields to update (e

  • Integrated records are automatically audited and logged at both the record and the field level so that at any time you c

  • Records with errors are automatically quarantined to allow other records to continue to integrate without issue. Provide

  • Errors can be automatically scheduled for retry and issues automatically resolve themselves once data integrates success

  • Automation schedules are used to run integrations at desired times, including real-time integrations that run as often a

Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for Your Business

About Vertify, Inc

Vertify is a customer data intelligence platform that unifies siloed data and delivers intelligence to businesses. Founded in Austin, TX, Vertify is in use at hundreds of organizations across the globe. Their singular mission is to help every business unlock the true potential of their customer data.

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