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FlexMFG Discrete

FlexMFG Discrete serves Make-to-Order/Make-to-Stock manufacturers where full ERP is not required. The module interoperates with Acumatica’s Distribution Edition providing an attractively priced solution for growing manufactuers.

FlexMFG Discrete is comprehensive.

Demand is per forecasting tool, production plan or a sales order -- from which a work order and traveler are generated.

BOM’s consist of both labor and material, may be of unlimited indentures, and serialized at any and all levels; plus modifiable at any time during the planning OR production cycles.

An MRP routine determines raw material requirements with PO's automatically generated. (The logic factors core EOQ, vendor lead time and safety stock replenishment logic.)

Labor is managed via a graphical capacity planning tool. A scanning function lets workers enter time without consuming a named user license.

Upon completion of work orders material and labor costs are consumed which allows cost of goods sold analysis.

  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Attractively Priced, Low Cost Implementation
  • Meets needs of SMB Market
  • Make-to-Stock or Make-to-Order
  • Includes Demand Planner Forecast Module to Calculate Future Material/Labor Needs
  • Generates Work Order Documents For Assemblers/Production. Functions as Bar-Coded “Traveler”
  • Track WIP without “APICS” overhead
  • BOMs of Unlimited Indentures and Serialized at Any Level
  • MRP Calculate Material Requirements and Auto Generate Purchase Orders. Supports Acumatica Replenishment Logic
  • Planned vs Actual Cost of Goods Sold Calculation/Analyses Dash Boards Provide Production/Purchase Status
  • Perfect for Small Business Edition (Unlimited Employee Labor Capture without Named User License)

About Advanced Solutions and Consulting Co

Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co. (ASC) is a founding Acumatica VAR with MVP status. Established in 1998, we deliver ISV solutions for supply chain – manufacturing/ distribution, eCommerce and accounting applications. Our solutions are written in native Acumatica and we are expert in web service integrations. Our solutions address complex ERP requirements extending Acumatica’s market breadth and competitiveness.

ASC’s elegant solutions automate ERP functions to save customers (and their VAR’s) serious time and money.



ASC FlexMFG Discrete Software Datasheet

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