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For Distributors Who Assemble Kits, Require Production Documents/COGS & Replenishment Per Kits (vs. components)

Advanced Solutions and Consulting Co

The solution for light manufacturers and distributors who sell finished good items that require ‘light’ assembly. Extends Acumatica’s Kit feature to construct a bill of material complemented with work order generation plus (auto) purchase order creation for raw materials.

“Bundles” Multiple Items Into A Single SKU, An Assembled Finished Good
• BOM may include stock and non-stock (labor) items. The LM module organizes material items into version controlled BOM and supports cost roll-up adding material and labor costs to establish cost of goods sold for finished good.
• Supports BOM Explosion for Auto-Replenishment. The LM module queries Acumatica inventory balances and automatically creates purchase orders where required to fulfill material requirements for BOM assembly.

Supports “Light Assembly” Operations
• Auto Generates Work Order Documentation. Sales Orders automatically create work orders if the Finished Good (the BOM constitutes) is not in stock. May included multiple quantities.
• Work Order Completion “Stocks” Finish Goods. The module automatically places the assembled item(s) into finished good stock. Acumatica will then automatically created pick tickets for order fulfillment...

Supports Configured Items Generated by eCommerce/Configurators
• Captures Bundled Items for Assembly. Bundled Items include multiple SKU’s. The LM module organizes these items into a BOM with work order/assembly documentation necessary for order fulfillment
• Integrated with the Kensium Stock Item Extension (SIE) module and the Acumatica eCommerce Edition. The SIE tool supports the Magento eCommerce platform for items “assembled” on-line. The LM module processes the order in Acumatica for fulfillment.

Written in the Acumatica xRP Framework (Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio)
• 100% Acumatica. Seamless to the application and database.
• Upgrade compatible.

Natively Built with Acumatica
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Key features

  • Manage Assembly with Low Cost Module

  • Provides distributors a low cost, low overhead means to manage assembly operations.

  • Cost roll-up reports provide valuable margin analysis to assess product cost/value.

  • Replace Excel Spread Sheets

  • Provides ERP controls for assembly operations within a single data base.

  • Provides tools to assure product availability to meet demand.

  • Eliminates duplicated data entry regarding item availability and purchase orders.

  • Reduce Errors and Increase Productivity with Auto Replenishment Feature

  • Auto replenishment hard allocates raw materials to BOM(s) for specific sales orders.

  • Replenishment assures correct items are purchased to meet demand eliminating costly errors

About Advanced Solutions and Consulting Co

Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co. (ASC) is a founding Acumatica VAR with MVP status. We deliver ISV solutions that save serious time and money for supply chain and accounting applications. Our solutions are written in native Acumatica xRP. They address complex ERP requirements extending Acumatica’s market breadth and competitiveness.

ASC augments Acumatica with elegant solutions that monitor and automate ERP functions to improve Acumatica’s competitive landscape and save customers (and their VAR’s) serious time and money

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