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ASC PO Screen Extension

For requisition intensive operations, this extension replicates request & requisition screen values into the Purchasing screen dramatically improving user productivity because…

Information and files from the Request and Requisition screens automatically populate the Purchase Order module. This includes:
1) One or many requestors
2) Manager who approved the requisition
3) Supporting files (duplicated in a new tab in the PO screen)

In standard Acumatica, a purchasing agent drills from the purchasing screens to both requisition and request screens to determine the source of the PO. The search could include multiple requests and their requestors pooled into a single requisition, as well as multi click, drill down to view supporting documentation stored in file attachments. The overall “search for the source” process results in a number of open screens and keystrokes – all eliminated with Advanced Solutions Screen Integration.

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Key features

  • Dramatically Improve Purchase Agent Productivity
  • Eliminates 5 Keystrokes and 3-4 Open Screen Dialogs When “Searching for Source”
  • Serves Requisition Intensive Operations
  • Eliminate “Drill Down” Required to Identify Requestors (From Separate Departments)
  • Eliminate “Drill Down” Required to Identify Approvers
  • Eliminate “Drill Down” Required to View Files Attached to Requisitions

About Advanced Solutions and Consulting Co

Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co. (ASC) is a founding Acumatica VAR with MVP status. We deliver ISV solutions that save serious time and money for supply chain and accounting applications. Our solutions are written in native Acumatica xRP. They address complex ERP requirements extending Acumatica’s market breadth and competitiveness.

ASC augments Acumatica with elegant solutions that monitor and automate ERP functions to improve Acumatica’s competitive landscape and save customers (and their VAR’s) serious time and money.

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