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TPW 3PL Automation

Seamlessly integrates Acumatica ERP with Warehouse Management Software (WMS) used by third-party logistics/fulfillment companies that warehouse inventory, ship outbound sales orders and receipt inbound purchase orders.

ASC’s 3PL Warehouse Management Software Integration module (TPW) comprehensively interfaces Acumatica ERP to warehouse management software packages. Many distribution companies use third party fulfillment companies, and this module allows Acumatica to interact with the 3PL as if it were an internal warehouse. On the sell-side TPW confirm ship method/carrier, updates tracking information, maintains inventory count and accounting. Sophisticated web services direct orders to the correct warehouse where multiple 3PL’s and corresponding WMS’s are involved. On the buy-side inventory is receipted and item quantities confirmed. TPW eliminates the need for generic integration middleware (e.g. Celigo & Jitterbit), is half the cost and easier to maintain because it is 100% written within the Acumatica framework (provides all its workflow, monitoring, tracking, and dashboard advantages).

Protocol Independent – Supports RESTful, SOAP, WSDL, EDI, XMLRPC, or any new communication technologies.

Receiving – Supports inbound purchase orders (order to cash/order to ship/procure to receipt)

Extends eCommerce Edition for Hands Free “Book-to-Bill”

• Workflow Enabled. Customer Orders initiated in Web Site shopping carts flow “hands free” to 3PL for fulfillment, inventory, and GL update.
• Notification Enabled. Use Acumatica to email tracking numbers to customers and update the website similarly.

Supports Multiple Order Types and Maintains Accurate Inventory Counts
• Returns. Including RMA’s, Returns for Replacement and Returns for Credit and (the difficult to manage) “Undeliverables.”
• Inventory Control. Treats 3PLs as another Acumatica warehouse with real-time updates associated with receipts, transfers, and shipments.

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform

Key features

  • Outsource Warehouse Operations: the Acumatica platform provides a cost effective means for growth without additional personnel.
  • Protocol Independency provides flexibility to choose the “right” 3PL partner.
  • Penetrate New Markets: expand geographically without assuming local payroll burdens.
  • Viable option for International operations.
  • Respond to Rapid/Same Day Delivery Demands: challenged by Amazon next day delivery -- fulfillment requests may be transmitted on demand to 3PL.
  • Supports all the shipping options in Acumatica provided by the 3PL for improved customer service.
  • Focus on Corporate Strengths: outsource both Manufacturing and Warehousing.
  • Focus on Design and Inventory Management, Replenishment.

About Advanced Solutions and Consulting Co

Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co. (ASC) is a founding Acumatica VAR with MVP status. We deliver ISV solutions that save serious time and money for supply chain and accounting applications. Our solutions are written in native Acumatica xRP. They address complex ERP requirements extending Acumatica’s market breadth and competitiveness.

ASC augments Acumatica with elegant solutions that monitor and automate ERP functions to improve Acumatica’s competitive landscape and save customers (and their VAR’s) serious time and money.




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