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ancora Software an industry leader of Intelligent Process Automation solutions including our no code/low code Intelligent Document Classification and Advanced Data Capture solution ancoraDocs.

Manual data entry creates an often-hidden cost, as the task of keying data is usually dispersed across departments and employees. However, it extracts a real price in terms of lost productivity and increased labor costs. When employees are keying data, they are not focused on their core duties—and that hampers a company’s ability to accomplish work efficiently. ancoraDocs removes that burden by automating data entry along with other hidden costs stemming from data inaccuracies, manual document sorting, filing, and more are eliminated with automation.

The premise behind ancora Software is to finally bring to market an Intelligent Document Classification and Advanced Data Capture solution that does not come with the typical complexity and over engineered features and functionality that has resulted in difficult to use, difficult to implement, difficult to support and over priced Capture software. Our AP automation and sales order automation solutions is deployed in hours and days not the weeks or months required by our competition. Our customers are seeing a significant ROI in a couple weeks with ancoraDocs.

We can do this because of our patented unassisted and assisted machine learning, there is no setup or templates required for each vendor, even if you are extracting line item detail from your invoices or sales orders. You can simply install the software and be processing documents within an hour. Competitive products could take weeks or months to be in production.

Our Intelligent Document Classification allows you to identify and separate documents automatically. For example; if you scanned a group of invoices that contained single page invoices, multi page invoices, invoices with and without supporting documents like packing slips, term sheets etc. ancoraDocs will automatically separate the invoices with their supporting documents without the use of barcodes or separating sheets. ancoraDocs will do the same thing if invoices are received by email and a single PDF contains multiple invoices.

ancoraDocs can be deployed on-premise or as a true multi-tenant cloud. All clients are browser based, users only need an internet connection and a browser to process documents making ancoraDocs the perfect work from home solution.

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Key features

  • Semi-structured forms, such as invoices and PO's as well as structured and unstructured forms all in one solution

  • A robust patented classification and catagorization engine leveraging AI and neural networks automatically identifies document types and provides document separation

  • Unassisted machine learning algorithms provides automatic self-learning for fast setup of previously unseen documents

  • Go live in days, not weeks or months like our competition, you can be processing invoices in a couple hours

  • Simple installation and setup makes it easy for smaller organizations to cost justify a capture solution

  • Can be deployed as a true multi-tenant cloud solution or on-premise. All clients are 100% browser based with a zero footprint install making it very easy for remote users working from home

  • OCR support for 27 different languages and localized for Spanish, French and German

  • A very simple pricing and licensing model, all licenses include unlimited verify users and unlimited scan/import.export workstations

Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for Your Business

About ancora Software, Inc.

ancora Software, Inc. is an innovative provider of Intelligent Process Automation solutions including Intelligent Document Classification and Data Capture on-premise or in the cloud. ancoraDocs, our flagship product, was developed to bring simplicity to a technology that historically has been complex, over-priced, and difficult to configure, install, use and maintain. Our Business Process Automation solutions with patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help companies eliminate costly manual steps in their business processes such as document classification, document analysis, and manual data entry, in applications like AP invoice and sales order processing. Businesses using ancora Software achieve faster and less expensive business process automation and better controls over valuable critical information. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, ancora Software maintains sales and support operations throughout North America and the UK.

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