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Light Manufacturing Solution

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The Light Manufacturing (LM) solution is for distributors who sell finished good items that require ‘light’ assembly. It extends Acumatica’s Kitting features, compiles a Bill of Material, and generates a work order for its assembly. The Light Manufacturing bill of material may be constructed from the Acumatica Kit, the Acumatica Configurator or the MaxQ Matrix Inventory extension. LM BOMs support version control, and may also account for labor (to calculate cost of goods sold) via inclusion of non-stock labor items into the BOM.

The ASC Light Manufacturing solution automates a number of workflows. At sales order commit, the tool discerns whether the order contains a manufactured part and if yes generates the work order and its documentation (for auto print in the factory/warehouse). Upon work order completion “Stocks” Finish Goods. The module automatically places the assembled item(s) into finished good stock. Acumatica will then automatically created pick tickets for order fulfillment.

Also purchase orders may be auto-created/issued if BOM components are out of stock including raw material for BOM items; i.e. a sub-assembly work order may be created for the finished good work order. Upon receipt of purchased item(s), LM will auto-generate associated work orders, and upon completion of raw material work order, a work order for a finished goods SKU will be created.

Because the Acumatica eCommerce Edition supports configured items generated on-line (e.g. within the Magento Website) the Light Manufacturing tool is a great compliment for etailers whose products require light assembly. Orders flow automatically to production to support rapid delivery.

Other benefits include: In contrast to full MRP, LM provides a low cost/low maintenance solution to manage assembly operations; its cost roll-up reports provide valuable margin analysis to assess product cost/value; it enables replacement of Excel Spread Sheets; and it provides ERP controls for assembly operations within a single data base. And regarding its Auto Replenishment feature — LM provides tools to assure product availability to meet demand; eliminates duplicated data entry regarding item availability and purchase orders; and further reduces errors and increase productivity because its replenishment feature may hard allocate raw materials to BOMs for specific sales orders. (Replenishment assures correct items are purchased to meet demand eliminating costly errors.)

The solution is written in the Acumatica xRP Framework (Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio) and is Acuamtica ERP upgrade compatible.

Natively Built with Acumatica

Key features

  • Supports “Light Assembly” Operations

  • Extends Acuamtica Kits to include versioned BOM’s and Work Orders

  • Supports both Finished Good and Sub Assembly Work Orders

  • Supports auto-replenishment and purchase order generation for raw materials

  • Supports Configured Items—including those generated by eCommerce/Configurators

  • Written in the Acumatica xRP Framework (Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio)

About Advanced Solutions and Consulting Co

Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co (ASC) was awarded an Acumatica MVP for 2016. For more than 18 years, ASC has helped companies reach their professional enterprise resource planning (ERP) goals. As a Gold Level Acumatica Cloud ERP Partner, we offer project management, needs analysis, industry expertise, information technology (IT) infrastructure, and reporting experience.

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