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TaxJar provides a sales tax database for all US jurisdictions and costs 3 to 4 times less than comparable solutions. The Advanced Solutions TaxJar plug-in provides real-time integration to the TaxJar database — for Acumatica sales orders (including those input via the Ecommerce Edition) and invoices.

TaxJar integration involve simple Plug ‘n Play deployment, designed for rapid implementation. Seamless to users and supports moderate to high transaction environments.

By Automating the Sales Tax Capture users save time, money and effort. It inputs sales tax based on precise geo-location and maintains latest sales tax rates for specific jurisdiction boundaries. Furthermore, the solution automatically considers hundreds of thousands of taxability rules.

TaxJar offers numerous advantages to it users such as centralized tax settings, tax accounting, and tax reporting. It maintains a complete audit trail of all tax related transactions. The solution is configurable for Sales Tax on Material, Service and Freight Sales and utilizes out-of-box Acumatica set-ups and is compatible with existing Acumatica Reports regarding Sales Tax. Written in the Acumatica xRP Platform/Framework (Microsoft .NET Visual Studio), it is seamless to the application and database. The plug-in is also upgrade compatible.

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Key features

  • Plug ‘n Play deployment, designed for rapid implementation

  • Utilizes Out-of-Box Acumatica Set-up, xRP Framework

  • Compatible with existing Acumatica Reports regarding Sales Tax

  • Supports moderate to high transaction environments

  • Inputs sales tax (material, service, freight) based on precise geo-location

  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all tax related transactions

  • Upgrade compatible

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Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co (ASC) was awarded an Acumatica MVP for 2016. For more than 18 years, ASC has helped companies reach their professional enterprise resource planning (ERP) goals. As a Gold Level Acumatica Cloud ERP Partner, we offer project management, needs analysis, industry expertise, information technology (IT) infrastructure, and reporting experience.

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