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Biz-Tech Services Kit Processing is an enhancement for Acumatica that allows users to explode kit components right on the Sales Order screen. No need to open another maintenance screen or print a pick list to view kit components. Using the native Sales Order Preferences screen, users can control the cost calculation basis for kit items entered on a Sales Order. This allows companies greater flexibility without having to make maintenance adjustments to inventory items.

Giving users the option to explode kit components directly on the Sales Order line and making adjustments to any quantity improves efficiency and control during order entry.

Key features

  • Simplifies visibility of kit items
  • Change kit and component quantities with ease
  • Powerfully manage kit pricing rules
  • Efficiently add kits to orders without having to leave the SO screen
  • Works for stock and non-stock kits

Benefits for Your Business

Industry Served

About Biz-Tech Services

Biz-Tech Services is a California-based company which provides ERP software solutions nationwide in manufacturing, distribution and multi-channel marketing for small and medium-sized businesses.

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