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BizTech Services

Biz-Tech Services Offline Order Entry powered by Acumatica allows companies to enter Sales Orders in offline mode when internet connectivity is lacking or unreliable. Offline Order Entry is a native application purpose-built for the iPad and iPhone, so the app is fast and responsive.
At trade shows, data connections tend to be spotty and expensive. Fortunately, you can write orders and access all your orders, customer, and product info on our app even if you are offline. Solution enables effective order management for sales teams. As soon as you’re back online again, any orders you entered or create/modify customer records while offline, will automatically sync to Acumatica.
Offline Order Entry means No Downtime making Sales!

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Key features

  • Internet connectivity and speed never interfere with productivity

  • Can take orders and access customers and product records at all times

  • No order loss from technical failures

  • Synchronization occurs automatically once a connection is established

  • Scanning of Product Barcodes speeds up Order Entry

  • Product Images will display in order lines

Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for Your Business

About BizTech Services

Biz-Tech Services is a California-based company which provides ERP software solutions nationwide in manufacturing, distribution and multi-channel marketing for small and medium-sized businesses.

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