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Biz-Tech Upsell and Alternate Items

Biz-Tech Services Upsell and Alternate Item Enhancement is the ideal extension to encourage your customers to purchase higher-end products, upgrades, or additional items during Sales Order entry. In addition, provide alternative items in case any Sales Item is out of stock. Easy to setup Alternate and Upsell Items in Stock Item screen. During Order Entry if Item is out of stock, the Alternate Item screen will pop-up and will provide a list of items to be substituted, or a list of warehouses where the item is available. The user will be able to easily select the alternate item and it will switch the line with an Alternate Item or Warehouse. If the item is set up to have Upsell Products, a screen will pop-up during Order Entry which will allow the user to add/sell additional items.

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Key features

  • Increase your sales by upselling more Items
  • Suggest customers to purchase additional products
  • Provide Alternate Item in case Item is out of stock
  • Easy to setup Alternate & Upsell Items in Stock Item screen
  • Switch ”Out of Stock” line by Alternate Item in a single click during Order Entry
  • Visibility of Warehouse and Qty Available for Upsell and Alternate Items in Sales Orders

About BizTech Services

Biz-Tech Services is a California-based company which provides ERP software solutions nationwide in manufacturing, distribution and multi-channel marketing for small and medium-sized businesses.


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