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AcuWoo by Business Informatics is a complete bi-directional integration between an Acumatica Cloud ERP backend and a WooCommerce digital storefront. AcuWoo allows users to manage and synchronize inventory items and customers in Acumatica automatically with WooCommerce. Orders placed by customers through WooCommerce are effortlessly imported into Acumatica Sales Orders for processing complete with customer billing and delivery information, order details, sales tax, shipping, and payment details. WooCommerce can even provide real-time inventory item availability and customer specific sales pricing direct from Acumatica.

From a single Acumatica company/branch multiple WooCommerce storefront sites can be connected. Each WooCommerce site can be uniquely configured with various options for synchronizing Inventory Items, Customers, Orders, and more. This allows you to have multiple websites to attract different types of customers and still have all of your information maintained in a single Acumatica company and branch.

WooCommerce is a free, open source plugin for WordPress and the most popular eCommerce platform for online stores. WordPress is an open source web platform emphasizing accessibility, performance, security and ease of use. It is one of the most popular content management systems (or CMS) in existence today powering 32% of the web. With WordPress, WooCommerce, Acumatica and AcuWoo creating a online storefront could not be easier.

Key features

  • Bi-directional API communication between Acumatica and WooCommerce
  • Real time availability of inventory through the storefront
  • Customer specific pricing available through the storefront
  • Multiple storefront sites can be configured with a single Acumatica Company/Branch
  • No rekeying of data or manual imports and exports
  • Vast catalogs of additional 3rd party plugins readily available to further empower your WordPress website and WooCommerce storefront

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Business Informatics LLC is a software development and implementation company specializing in distribution, light manufacturing and various other verticals for over 20 years.

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