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Cloudsnap Connector for Shopify and Acumatica


The Cloudsnap Shopify Connector links the Acumatica Cloud ERP with Shopify’s e-commerce platform. The connector bolsters operational efficiencies with automated processing of product, inventory, sales and customer data between the two platforms. It is a “must have” for your expanding business.

Harness the power of the Shopify e-commerce solution with seamless integration to Acumatica. Everything from sales orders, product shipments to payments and returns will be automated to close the loop in your business process. The connector merges Shopify and Acumatica with a bi-directional flow which eliminates errors and reduces manual entry. For example, data that is input into Shopify will flow to Acumatica. Conversely, information entered through Acumatica will flow to Shopify.

The Cloudsnap Shopify Connector will help you achieve financial gains as your company grows. The automation reduces order processing costs while improving overall customer experience. From an internal perspective, your processes will be streamlined so you can focus on core business activities. The Shopify connector will give you the accurate and real-time visibility that you need to increase customer reach and grow your business. Take your e-commerce processes to the next level by connecting Shopify to Acumatica.

Connected with Acumatica
Industry Served:
Cross industries or eCommerce & Retail

Key features

  • Fuses e-commerce processes with back-office ERP

  • Streamlines synchronization of inventory

  • Automates e-commerce data flows without additional development or IT support

  • Solidifies core operational processes

  • Manages all e-commerce activities through bi-directional transfer of data

  • Simplifies tax reporting for products and inventories

About Cloudsnap

Cloudsnap connects your business management applications to share data and automate processes. Cloudsnap’s Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) solution clearly maps business logic from app to app and removes guesswork to give a complete picture of your data workflows. Workflows can be easily modified to fit your needs. Our platform is designed with security in mind and is scalable to accommodate large data flows, so you can integrate with confidence. Cloudsnap streamlines repetitive processes so you can focus on your core business.

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