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Advanced Budgeting

Crestwood’s Advanced Budgeting add-on uses the native functionality of Acumatica, while giving you the ability and flexibility to use sub-ledgers to create, modify, and update all the details making up your budgets. By using sub-ledgers to create unlimited budgets, you get the capability to drill-down into the details, gain insights into potential patterns, and bring together multi-company budgeting with ease.

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
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Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Automate your budget process quickly
  • No more Excel spreadsheets
  • Works with Acumatica Analytical Manager (ARM)
  • Easier tracing of budget vs. actuals
  • Drill-down into details
  • Save hours of time
  • User friendly screen
  • Approvals and routing by budget line items
  • Accounts and sub-accounts
  • Spread budgets based on patterns
  • Budget by actual employees and planned employees
  • Multi-company budgeting
  • Allocate budgets on weights

About Crestwood Associates LLC

Crestwood Associates is a Gold Certified Acumatica partner and two-time Acumatica Partner of the Year with 25 years of proven ERP implementation success. With decades of experience serving our clients, our certified team of in-house Acumatica MVP Developers specialize in filling the gaps of the out-of-the-box solution, bringing you simple, yet powerful, add-on products for Acumatica.

We provide innovative technology solutions to accelerate operational efficiencies for mid-market organizations. Best known for delivering unparalleled value to our clients, Crestwood is headquartered in Florida and serves hundreds of clients nationwide.

Whether you are looking for an add-on solution we offer today or you're interested in a customized solution to best fit your unique business needs, our team is happy to assist and make recommendations to fit your requirements.


Advanced Budgeting Data Sheet


Customer Reviews

Peters, Jim
Quest Food Management
Innovative and Intuitive
November 4th, 2022

At Quest, we have an extremely complex budgeting process, with over 100 separate unit budgets and a budget year that does not line up with the calendar year, Additionally, our budgets are not only prepared for our company, but additional budgets are created for our client from their perspective.

Acumatica's budgeting module is a game changer for us and will take weeks off of our budgeting timeline and eliminate over 100 multi-tab workbooks. Our Acumatica Rep, Crestwood Associates, worked with us to tailor the budget module into a complete solution for our business. Our new solution works with Acumatica security to allow each of our 100 locations access to their budget. It is very user friendly and super easy to train on.

As Quest's CFO, this was by far the best project I have been a part of in terms of the final product.

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