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Data Masons EDI is a cloud-based EDI and XML processing platform which allows Acumatica users to integrate documents from the supply chain partners including customers, suppliers, 3PL's, financial institutions, customs agencies, government, trading networks and buying groups. Data Masons EDI provides functionality for users to load and integrate files from multiple formats such as EDI (ANSI X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, Odette and VDA) and non EDI formats (XML, cXML, ASCII, RosettaNET, Peppol and OpenInvoice), just to name a few. Its key features include automation, document archiving, data format translation and database support and workflow scheduling. Data Masons EDI can be used for deep and broad business document integration with Acumatica.

Data Masons EDI offers features such as a built-in translator, ASN packing system, EDI document management, UCC-128 label print engine, an EDI information center, email client for alerts, advanced business rules processing, and full automation of all EDI processes and business connectors for ERP applications. Our solution supports all communication options that a trading partner offers, ensuring that you are in a position to move data at the most cost effective method available. Data Masons EDI is suitable for companies operating in industries such as consumer packaged goods (i.e. apparel & footwear, food & beverage, etc.), automotive, industrial equipment and others where EDI is the recommended process for business document communication.

Industry Served:
Cross industries, Distribution or eCommerce & Retail
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Key features

  • Seamless integration without customizing Acumatica

  • Unmatched scalability with the ability to process hundreds of thousands of orders a day

  • Communication agnostic - take advantage of direct connect communications to limit costly transaction fees

  • Full automation available for all EDI processes and documents

  • Complete EDI outsourcing is available with our Managed Services offering

  • Management by Exception - only deal with EDI if issues arise

About Data Masons Software

Since 1996, Data Masons Software has specialized in simplifying EDI by providing tight integration and compliance management services. Data Masons is a cloud-based solution that manages data transformation and integration into ERP platforms and other business systems. What makes Data Masons unique is that embedded customizations are not required in the ERP to achieve tight integration. Our specialists deliver consulting services, managed services, managed compliance and issue resolution to unburden IT teams. The experience is seamless with one-click access to critical information. This platform is the only solution an enterprise requires for connecting all its business systems to its supply chain partners. Data Masons EDI supports any data format, data transport method or API integration and is the leading EDI solution provider for companies using Acumatica.

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Data Masons EDI
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