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DataSelf Lite is an easy-to-use analytics platform covering popular dashboards, reports, and data analysis needs. Most importantly, it’s easy to create and customize your own reports and dashboards by leveraging the built-in Tableau and transparent data warehousing. DataSelf Lite has a seamless, non-intrusive, and fast data extraction process using Acumatica GI(s). The first extraction pulls all the historical data in chunks of hundred records at a time with pauses of a few seconds between each pull. The extraction has a minimal performance impact in Acumatica. Subsequent data refreshes will only take seconds or minutes since they only pull new and modified records.

Users can easily customize their DataSelf GIs, and such changes will easily populate the DataSelf Lite’s user interface (self-service data remapping still under work).
The canned report and dashboard templates provide over a million easy ways to analyze and slice-and-dice the client’s data. Tableau and DataSelf provide dozens of hours of free online training videos. Please consult us for instructor-led classes.

Acumatica Certified Application
2020 R1 2019 R2 2019 R1
Connected with Acumatica
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Key features

  • Easy-to-use analytics solution for Acumatica

  • Runs queries in seconds

  • Powered by data warehousing, Tableau and/or Power BI

  • Includes a rich set of report and dashboard templates

  • Gets up and running in hours

  • Price starts at $299/month

Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for Your Business

About DataSelf Corp

Since 2005 DataSelf has been delivering and improving preconfigured enterprise-level BI and analytics solutions for mid-market organizations using systems such as Acumatica and dozens of other ERP and CRM systems.
DataSelf Analytics is a powerful, fast-deploying BI system for mid-sized organizations. Enterprise-level polish and speed. 5000+ starter reports/dashboards/KPIs, Tableau, Power BI and data warehousing.

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