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MTM-EasyTime - The first cloud-based solution for simple and fast calculation and determination of reference times based on icons

If you want to know what your production department can really achieve, then ensure that processes are transparent
and calculate reference times using MTM-EasyTime – simply, quickly, reliably and at an affordable price.

No matter if you work on the desktop or tablet, MTM-EasyTime offers you a simple and clear user interface to define the work step by step at the workplace within your production.

With MTM-EasyTime
• Create transparency
• Calculate products and prices
• Reduce unit costs
• Plan human resources needs
• Safeguard delivery capacity and therefore guarantee that you remain competitive

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Key features

  • Calculation of assembly times

  • Determination and control of workforce requirements

  • Calculation of prices and work organisation

  • Increase the productivity

  • Increasing competitiveness with low-cost countries

About Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft

MTM deals methodically and practically with the topic of time management within production planning & work preparation. Together with our MTM ASSOCIATION e.V. we provide an approved global industry standard for productive and healthy workforce. MTM (Methods-Time Measurement) is the globally standardized process language in industrial engineering for productivity and time management. We are solution provider and create methodical as well as practical bases for time analysis, design of work systems and processes within your production.

With the MTM method you can describe your work processes step by step, determine production times, derive improvements and minimize waste in your production.Industry and economy talk about Lean Management - the MTM method makes Lean measurable and creates transparency. For decades, MTM has been providing the standard for the industry.

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