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Edisoft Merchant Cloud Services is an out-of-the-box, SaaS supply chain platform for manufacturers and distributors, available on any mobile device, anywhere in the world. The modular software platform supports flexible communication options for EDI, and seamlessly integrates with Acumatica’s web services API to automate EDI order posting, shipping, and invoicing processes. It also simplifies warehouse operations by eliminating a range of pick and pack tasks, and includes support for global transport carriers. Acumatica manufacturers and distributors can take advantage of Edisoft’s platform to achieve a declining average EDI cost curve and a declining operational cost curve as order volumes and number of customers increase.

Key features

  • All in one platform for EDI, Warehouse, and Carrier Management Services
  • Automatically posts to and pulls from Acumatica to speed up Order Management and Fulfillment processes
  • Connect via ANY X12 communication protocol and comply with the EDI specification requirements of ANY trading partner
  • Automatically generate and print certified UCC-128/GS1 carton and pallet labels, and customer branded drop ship packing slips
  • Support for multiple order types, including DC, DSD, cross-dock, and dropship (DVS) orders
  • Support for a multitude of EDI documents including purchase orders, invoices, ASNs, et al.
  • Built-in cross reference tables extending Acumatica's Order Management & Fulfillment functionality to enhance supply chain processes from start to finish
  • Auto-generate ASN (856) documents with multi-level packing (pack items to carton and cartons to pallets)
  • Waving process automatically schedules and assigns orders across multiple sites/locations
  • Customizable auto-packing rules, "pre-pack" and "master pack" options, and support for scanning with RF handheld devices
  • Print engine to automatically generate trading partner and customer specific shipping documents/reports
  • Integrated with over 250 carriers for small parcel and LTL shipments, easily retrieve shipping rates, carrier labels, and other required documentation
  • Automatically select the optimal carrier and service level for shipments
  • Additonal modules available for remote warehouses (3PL), packing verification, and supplier outbound POs.

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About Edisoft

Edisoft® is a Smart Process Application (SPA) platform that future-proofs supply chain investments for manufacturers and wholesale distributors, by optimizing Vendor Compliance (B2B & e-Commerce EDI) and Warehouse Fulfillment processes. The platform enables these businesses to leverage data as a strategic asset and establish a cradle-to-grave audit trail to ultimately deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the market.

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