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MyBank Companion App by FISPAN

FI.SPAN Services Inc

Most accounting systems do not allow third parties to modify their platform so FISPAN created a UI that resides between the client and bank domains.

Our Companion App works as an intermediary, bringing live banking and accounting information together to enhance the customer experience by removing formats and automating engagement. It is bank-branded and can be configured to include a bank specific design theme.

Using our Bill Payments page, users will be able to pay open and approved invoices that are pulled in directly from Acumatica. Users can select their desired payment method for each invoice from the dropdown menu, or stick with their default payment method. Users can also select the account they would like to credit from in the Source Account dropdown menu. A payment summary can be reviewed before confirming the payment. Our App also shows your Payment History, where the Payment Status is updated regularly, making it easy for users to confirm the successful payment of invoices.

Your vendor information is directly synced from the Acumatica. The Companion App allows beneficiary details for multiple payment types to be stored for each vendor and you can add in details within the Companion App vendor profiles.

Users can also view a summary of their account balances on the Accounts and Transactions page. Your bank account information is synced in real time. This page is capable of scaling an infinite number of accounts across any currency. The detailed balance and transaction history is listed for each bank account. Users can export their transactions as a CSV, properly formatted to Acumatica for simple account reconciliation.

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Key features

  • The Companion App integrates behind the scenes with a client’s Acumatica company.

  • Pay bills with your connected bank accounts directly through the Companion App via multiple payment rails including ACH, EMT, Wire, and Check.

  • Get your previous day and intraday balances, along with near real-time transaction information directly from your bank within the Companion App’s Accounts & Transactions feature.

  • The Companion App will pull vendor information from your Acumatica in real-time. Vendor details can be added to this page, such as payment method, contact information, default payment methods, or Wire and ACH information.

Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for Your Business

About FI.SPAN Services Inc

FISPAN delivers these banking experiences through the Companion App, delivering bi-directional data exchange between the banks and their clients. Use cases include, but are not limited to, payments origination, information reporting, loan origination, integrated receivables and more.

FISPAN was founded in 2016 with the objective of helping banks and financial institutions extend their business banking services to their corporate clients by leveraging API technology. We are a SOC II compliant, cloud-native API orchestration platform that turns APIs into tangible & impactful business banking experiences.


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