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flexiPIM - Product Information Management (PIM) System


Simplify work and amplify sales with flexiPIM.

DCKAP’s flexiPIM is a leading Product Information Management solution used by hundreds of organizations across North America to maintain and manage their company’s expansive product data. We offer exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint by managing all product information securely from one place.

Acumatica customers can send products to market faster, reduce manual work, increase sales, and do much more with flexiPIM. Whether it’s acquiring new customers or launching a new channel, marketplace, or selling your products in a new location, flexiPIM can help!

Key features

  • Multi-channel Support: Provide a single source of truth in all channels and marketplaces where your products are listed

  • Flexible Import: Need to import huge product data? We made it simple, as easy as copy-paste. Upload in any format

  • Rule Based Automation: Decide what products appear where and when. Map products, define rules, and automate

  • Multi-language: Sell your products in any country. Customize and adapt catalogs in a language of your choice

  • Audit Logs: Intuitive dashboard showcasing the report of your product uploads and current status

Benefits for Your Business

Benefits for Your Business


DCKAP is a full-fledged digital commerce agency that has been providing eCommerce solutions for brands across the globe for over a decade.nnDCKAP excels in the design, development, and management of eCommerce storefronts, using leading platforms like Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and SAP Hybris.nnBesides eCommerce services, DCKAP also offers a suite of products that helps merchants transform their online business and experience. Our mission is to empower merchants with our digital commerce products and solutions.

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