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Financial Reporting, Analytics and Budgeting

FYIsoft brings premier cloud financial reporting and FP&A solutions to Acumatica customers.

With FYIsoft, you can create, format and distribute all your financial reports in seconds, with 100% accuracy.

Acumatica-certified, FYIsoft is designed for organizations that require more flexibility and enterprise-level features than many reporting tools provide. FYIsoft’s unified, AI-enhanced platform has no limits, just like your business. Fully integrated with Acumatica, FYIsoft’s cloud financial reporting, analytics and budgeting software is ideal for companies with complex consolidation and reporting requirements.

Our software is easy for accounting teams to learn and use, without the need for help from IT or consultants. User-friendly features like “drag-and-drop” provide the ability to slice and dice reports, and meet ad hoc requests with ease.
FYIsoft’s unified suite of products includes financial reporting, financial analytics and budgeting software, all designed for extreme ease-of-use and maximum efficiency. Integration of financial data across reporting, planning and analysis functions ensures that business decisions can be made quickly and are always based on current, accurate data.

Get to know FYIsoft and see how our customers improve productivity 50% or more.

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Key features

  • Multi-entity consolidation and reporting
  • Multi-currency conversion
  • Easy to learn and use, without the need for IT or consulting
  • Easy report set up and changes, with drag-and-drop ease
  • Presentation-ready reports, in the standard format expected by the Board and auditors
  • Automated, one-click report distribution
  • Drill down functionality to view transaction level details, including invoice
  • Ready-to-use analytics platform with robust features including pre-formulated dashboards, KPIs, ratios
  • Time-saving budget features including automated workflow and the ability to centralize the process without multiple Excel files/errors
  • Secure, web-based, 24/7 access from any device
  • Integrated suite ensures accurate, near real-time data across all modules
  • Evolving AI technology to exponentially improve speed and accuracy

About FYIsoft

FYIsoft is committed to enabling finance and accounting teams to speed and simplify the financial close cycle and make better data-driven decisions with its unified FP&A platform for reporting, analysis and budgeting. Ideal for proactive CFOs desiring the ability for teams to work efficiently without relying on IT or costly customizations by consultants, FYIsoft’s software is ready to use with AI-powered features not typically found in the mid-market. Learn more at FYIsoft.com.



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