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HIMPACT is a forecasting and purchasing solution for single to multi-warehouse distributors, as well as retail chains with or without their own warehouse. HIMPACT supports multi-echelon purchasing, Hub and Spoke, and a robust overstock transfer functionality. Our forward buying and promotional management functionalities help you manage promotional activity with a solution designed specifically for your buyers. With the information in the system, the orders are ready each morning and a typical buyer will change less than 1-2% of the suggested order quantities. HIMPACT also enables buyers to build orders to fill a truck, or split orders across multiple trucks, in a variety of ways in just seconds.

HIMPACT can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. HIMPACT also integrates with every type of ERP from homegrown to all the big players in the market today. We do this via standard interfaces which exchange information daily or on demand. HIMPACT gets stock status, receiving, and order entry data each morning and builds suggested orders.

During the day, buyers accept these orders and they are interfaced to the ERP where they are imported as Purchase Orders. Other data may also be interfaced, such as promotional pricing and/or vendor deals or price increases, for example.

Not only does our solution tell the buyer, when to buy, how often and how much to buy, but it also offers sophisticated simulators that buyers routinely run to compare their current buying habits to the optimal.

Owners like HIMPACT because it improves their bottom line. Buyers like it because it does most of the work while they sleep. Your customers will like it because you will achieve the service goals you set. We don’t just forecast your sales demand, we also forecast your vendor lead times at the Location/SKU level.

Key features

  • Daily Demand forecasting and Alerts
  • Lead Time Forecasting at Vendor and SKU level
  • Seasonality within the year (and within the week for Fresh)
  • Most profitable Service Goal Analysis
  • Most profitable Order Cycle Analysis
  • Truck/Contain Order Building
  • Truck Split based on Cube, Weight, and Pallet
  • Shelf Life
  • Retail: Presentation and Stock Max Support

Benefits for Your Business

Industry Served

About Herlitz Inventory Mangement

Our mission is to remove the guesswork from purchasing and simplify the ordering process by making consumer demand more predictable. Our services not only optimize inventory and profits but also provide insight into retailers and distributors businesses, which help improve their competitive positions.

By leveraging our decades of customer experience, understanding of buyer’s information needs, and scientific knowledge of forecasting and inventory, we create tools that ease your execution and increase your productivity. We aim to provide the most user-friendly and effective purchasing applications, knowledgeable and professional training, and superior services to support our partnerships.

We know that we succeed only when our customers succeed. Success is also a product of customer engagement. At Herlitz IM, we are customer obsessed! We look to our customers for their insight to continue developing new solutions. Customer feedback enables us to co-develop new ideas and methods and incorporate them into our solution.

Along with our customized training and highly responsive support, we want to enhance your business by making it more profitable. Let us show you how to better provide your customers with what they want when they want it.

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