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Cash Basis Reporting for Acumatica

Integrated Business Systems (IBS)

Sometimes, you want the option of seeing your data both ways…

Cash Basis accounting recognizes revenue in the period in which the cash was received and recognizes expenses in the period in which cash was disbursed.

Accrual Basis accounting recognizes revenue in the period in which it was earned and recognizes expenses in the period in which they were incurred.

Imperium Cash Basis Reporting for Acumatica provides that flexibility. Maintain an Accrual Ledger and a Cash Ledger to easily run Income Statements & Balance Sheet reports on either basis.

Acumatica Certified Application
2021 R1
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Key features

  • Easily generate financial statements on a cash and/or accrual basis

  • Utilize your existing Acumatica Financial Statements

  • Works with all 3rd party reporting tools which access Acumatica Leger data

  • All Acumatica reports that run off “ledger” data where the ledger can be selected have the ability to run off your cash ledger

About Integrated Business Systems (IBS)

IBS has been building and supporting high-quality enterprise software for commercial and residential real estate owners, operators and associations for nearly four decades. We are a recognized leader in this niche, known for providing an intensely customer-focused experience centered on helping our clients keep their systems current and create competitive advantage.

IBS launched operations in 1979, the use of computers in real estate operations was virtually nonexistent. Since then, technology has transformed the way the business world operates. Throughout this revolution, we consistently have provided unique and best-of-breed IT solutions. Based in Totowa, New Jersey, IBS offers mission-critical IT products and services in three key areas:

Property Management Software
Managed IT Services
Cloud ERP


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